The Twist


May 22, 2022

The Twist is a bridge, an art gallery and a sculpture in one and the same building located by the Kistefos Museum's sculpture park. It is intended as a beam that is rotated 90 degrees near the center to create a sculptural shape when it twists with a span of 60 meters above the Randselva. The Twist is designed by the Danish architectural firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and was inaugurated in 2019 by Queen Sonja. Both Bloomberg and The Daily Telegraph have named The Twist one of the most beautiful and exciting buildings to open in 2019.


Kistefos needed a new museum building that met the requirements of the place's ambitions to be able to showcase high-class international art. In addition, they needed a second bridge in the park, as the park had expanded down on both sides of the river. The idea of ​​merging these two needs into one and the same building came from the architects of BIG. A bridge that spans 60 meters over a river and a building in one gives a complex construction. The 1000m2 large bridge / building crosses the Randselva, which in this place is the border between Jevnaker and Ringerike municipalities. The bridge connects the path in the landscape in the sculpture park, and both sides of the building function as the main entrance. It has a double-curved geometry consisting of straight 40 cm wide aluminum panels in a fan movement. From the south side of the river you enter via a dramatic two-storey door, and inside you have a clear line of sight through the entire building to the entrance to the north. At the north end, a full-height glass wall provides a panoramic view of Kistefos Træsliberi and the river, while the windows bend upwards from full height to form a 25 cm wide strip with a skylight.


The Twist has three galleries, Closed Gallery, Twist Gallery and Panorama Gallery. Closed Gallery has high ceilings and no windows that let in daylight. The Twist Gallery is, as the name suggests, the inside of the twist itself. In this part, roofs become walls and walls become roofs when the building is turned 90 degrees. At the north end, you enter the Panorama Gallery, which with its large windows lets in daylight and offers views of the surrounding areas, the river and the sculpture park.

The sculptures

The unusual sculptural shape attracted attention from the very first time drawings of the building were shown. The twist in the middle gives it a dramatic effect and it is a unique building that extends like a sculpture across the river. The interaction between the building, the river and the forest changes according to the time of year, day and weather.


Awards and nominations

Since its opening, The Twist has been nominated for a number of awards and nominations: New York Times: 52 Places to go, number 21 Leading, Culture Destination Awards 2020: Shortlist, Best Architecture Designboom: Winner of TOP 10 museums and cultural venues of 2019 Wallpaper *: Design Awards 2020: Best New Public Building, Shortlist Archdaily: Best Architectural Projects of 2019, Shortlist J.P.Morgans #Nextlist 2020 Architectural, Photography Awards 2019: Overall winner This one: Number two at Top 10 museums and galleries of 2019 Domus: Number three at Top 10 architecture projects of 2019 Architectural Digest: 7 museums of spectacular architecture that marked 2019 Architizer, Popular Choice awards: Shortlisted for both Architecture + Engineering and Gallery & Exhibition Spaces.

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