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August 13, 2022

Thermo Service is a Norwegian shipping company established in 2015. The shipping company has two bluefish boats in 2022. Bluefishing machines on board the bluefish boats kill, bluefish and cool the fish, before the ships transport the finished bluefish to fish reception. One of the ships is used for emergency slaughter. The shipping company's head office will be located in 2022 in the Alfa building in Austevoll.


In 2022, Thermo Service owns two bløgg boats, MS "Hordabas" and MS "Hordafjell". The shipping company also operates the desalination barge "Thermoservice2". Thermo Service had 27 employees at the beginning of 2022. Ingebrigt Gunnar Landa (b. 1970) is the general manager of the shipping company in 2022. MS "Hordafjell" collects and processes fish, mainly for the farming companies Blom Fiskeoppdrett and Kobbevik and Furuholmen Oppdrett, before delivering the fish finished blogging for fish reception. MS "Hordabas" is mainly used as an emergency slaughter boat. The ship slaughters fish that are damaged or die, for example due to stresses during de-lice or other treatment.


Thermo Service AS was established on 26 May 2015. The shipping company was founded as a subsidiary of Blom Fiskeopdrett and Kobbevik and Furuholmen Oppdrett, which each own 50% of Thermo Service. When MS "Hordabas" was delivered to the shipping company, the number of employees increased by eight. Around one year later, with the delivery of MS "Hordafjell", the number of employees increased by twelve. In 2020, the company had the 7th highest turnover in Austevoll municipality in the industry of production of food fish, molluscs, crustaceans and echinoderms in sea- and coastal-based aquaculture. Thermo Service was number 40 with the highest turnover in Vestland in the same industry. In Norway, the shipping company was in 106th place.



In 2020, Thermo Service had around NOK 48.5 million in operating income. This was more than double the operating income for 2019. One year later, in 2021, the operating profit for the shipping company was NOK 55.5 million, 13.6 per cent more than in 2020.


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