The Titan Accident


October 17, 2021

The Titran accident occurred on the night of October 14, 1899 as a result of a storm that could not be reported locally. Frøya in Trøndelag was without a telephone connection and no one therefore received the storm warning which had been posted in Kristiansund and Trondheim on Friday 13 October. The fishermen therefore went to sea, partly due to the prospect of good catches and perhaps just as important, good prices for large herring. 141 fishermen perished in the storm. In the same storm, 30 people died in the Røvær accident in Rogaland.


One hour past midnight, the storm came over the Titan Sea, with winds from the north and northwest with hurricane strength, as well as huge amounts of precipitation. It is said about the accident that it would have had much greater consequences if the wind had come from the southwest. 29 vessels were destroyed and 141 fishermen from coastal communities in central Norway died in the storm that night. In addition, 30 people died in the Røvær accident near Røvær. The fishing village Titran southwest of Frøya was hit particularly hard; Of those killed, 32 were from Frøya, 16 from Kristiansund, 13 from Smøla, 9 from Bud and 8 from Hitra. More fishermen than those who perished managed to escape in different ways. The largest vessels could set sail and wait in rough seas until the storm passed before returning to safe harbor. In the autumn of 1897, the Frøya municipal council had allocated money to six telephone stations, one of which was on Titran (just west of Frøya). In August 1899, the telephone cable was laid across the Frøyfjord from Dolmøya on Hitra to Flatval on Frøya. The first telephone exchange was opened one month after the Titran accident, and only two years later could the station on Titran be opened. The following telegram was sent to the Ministry of the Interior from the Fiskeriselskabet in Kristiansund on Sunday 15 October 1899: The storm had on its way north earlier in the day taken 30 other lives in what became known as the Røvær accident.

Press coverage

Aalesunds Handels- og Søfartstidende quoted a major article on 18 October 1899 in Romsdals Amtstidende's mention of the accident two days earlier: out by Titran. " The same newspaper has several other articles related to the accident, including under the headline When the Provider falls away: "When the breadwinner falls away, it is often cramped and small for the surviving widow and children. For example, it can be mentioned that when the wife of one of the injured fishermen was informed on Saturday that the man had died out at sea, she was left with 5 children - and 7 øre. This is often the lot of the fishermen's. ”Under the heading Help for the Injured: «From Kristiania was telegraphed to us: The Ministry of the Interior has today made available an amount of 20,000 for Purchasing nets and tools for delivery among injured fishermen at Frøien and Titteren, so that they can quickly resume the business. The amount is managed by Kristiansund's Magistrate and Presidency together with Fisheries Inspector Wallem. The diocesan clerk in Trondhjem and the county clerk in Romsdals amt are telegraphically asked to investigate and report to the Ministry whether there is imminent distress among the injured and injured survivors, who call for measures from the public sector for immediate relief. "However, Norges Sjøfartstid notify: «More Assistance in Acquiring Gear, Boats and Vessels. Kristiansund, 25 October (NTB) (Iltelegram). Fisheries Inspector Wallem has stated that the amount granted by the Ministry, 20,000 kroner, for the acquisition of gear, boats and vessels for the shipwrecked or injured fishermen can not provide much help, as the damage Stormnatten was close to 250,000 kroner and at the same time the fishermen Assuranseforening has also lived in distress. No or very few fishermen will be able to be helped sufficiently to be able to continue fishing during these weeks. And yet it is obvious fo

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