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October 17, 2021

Trøndelag Theater is an institutional theater in Trondheim. Elisabeth Egseth Hansen has been theater director since 1 January 2019.


From 1911 to 1927, the city had Trondheim's National Stage. Then followed ten years without. In 1937, Henry Gleditsch opened a permanent theater in Trondheim, Trøndelag Theater. The opening performance The Women at Niskavuori by Hella Wuolijoki, directed by Henry Gleditsch, premiered on 14 October. The economy was tight, so various methods were used to get the operation going. To get in as much income as possible per. performance, tickets were sold for standing room. When the war came, the theater faced hard times. Gleditsch was executed by the Nazis, and they gained control of theaters. The audience boycotted the performances, but the forced sale of tickets was introduced. On October 19, 1944, the curtain went down for the last time during the war, after the ever-decreasing audience visit. However, operations resumed after the war. Victor Huseby became the new theater director in 1951, and he sat in the director's chair for 15 years. He was a man of the economy. All performances were to be staged in the cheapest possible way. There was seldom a night without some form of entertainment on stage. Huseby introduced a tradition in the theater. Every spring a musical or operetta was performed, which often received rave reviews in the press. In 1966, the young and unknown Erik Pierstorff took over the chair at the theater. His hallmark was that he almost daily provided media coverage of the theater in the newspapers. The introduction of new forms of work and younger, fresh blood to the theater will always be remembered as one of Pierstorff's many ideas.


The original theater building dates from 1816. Since 1997, the old stage has been incorporated into the new theater house inaugurated by Queen Sonja. The theater today consists of five permanent stages, The main stage (524 pl.) Old Scene (320 pl.) Studio scenes (150 pl.) Teaterkjelleren (60 pl.) Theatercafeen (100 pl.) All three new stages, Hovedscenen, Studioscenen and Teaterkjelleren, are built as black box scenes, but Hovedscenen usually has a peek-a-boo shape. For the staging of "An Enemy of the People" in 2010, the Main Stage was rebuilt into a black box. Trøndelag Theater is one of the few theaters in Northern Europe that still has a slanted stage.

Theater Manager

1937–42 Henry C. W. Gleditsch 1942 Karl Bergmann 1942–45 Johan Barclay-Nitter 1945–48 Georg Løkkeberg 1948–50 Alfred Maurstad 1950–51 Nils Reinhardt Christensen 1951–66 Victor Huseby 1966–69 Erik Pierstorff 1969–73 Arne Aas 1973–79 Kjell Stormoen 1979–84 Ola B. Johannessen 1984–89 Otto Homlung 1989–92 Helle Ottesen 1992–97 Terje Mærli 1997–2000 Ola B. Johannessen 2000–2005 Catrine Telle 2005–2010 Otto Homlung 2010–2018 Kristian Seltun 2019– Elisabeth Egseth Hansen.

Best visited

The eight most visited performances from 1937 to 2006 are: Les Miserables, premiere December 2, 2005, played until October 14, 2006, seen by 65,636. Purple and Gold, premiere January 29, 2004, set of 49,668. Bør Børson jr, premiere March 14, 1998, seen by 44,647. Jesus Christ Superstar, premiere January 15, 2000, seen by 40,143. Farmers at Sunset, premiere September 21, 2000, seen by 39,934. Big Little Otto, premiere September 6, 1982, seen by 38,056. West Side Story, premiered September 5, 1997, seen by 37,841. Peer Gynt, premiered May 5, 1957, seen by 35,624.



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