Election to the French National Assembly 2022


July 5, 2022

Elections to the French National Assembly 2022 were held on 12 and 19 June 2022. The National Assembly and the Senate constitute the French Parliament. Elections to the National Assembly take place every five years.

The current electoral system

The election takes place every five years by direct election in individual constituencies, in two rounds. If a candidate obtains an absolute majority in the first instance, he or she is elected. The precondition is that the number of votes that the candidate has obtained constitutes more than a quarter of those entitled to vote in the constituency. In order to participate in the second round of voting, a candidate must obtain a number of votes equal to at least 12.5% ​​of those entitled to vote. If only one person reaches this level, the person who received the second largest number of votes will also participate in the second round of elections. In the second round of voting, the person who obtains the most votes wins. If a seat becomes vacant during an election period, the person who obtained the second highest number of votes will be summoned to parliament. This applies if the elected candidate dies, serves in the government or the Conseil constitutionnel, or serves on a single assignment for the government for more than six months. In all other cases, by-elections are held three months after the unemployment occurs, unless this occurs in the election year. The voting age and eligibility age is 18 years.

Election result

President Macron's party En Marche and in addition some smaller parties gathered in the alliance Ensemble citoyens. The Alliance received the most support in the election, but not a majority in the National Assembly, such as Macron's party La Republique en Marche! had had in the previous election period. The left had gathered in the alliance Nouvelle union populaire écologique et sociale and became the second largest. Compared with the result of the party La France Insoumise in the previous election, the alliance advanced with 74 representatives. The right-wing party Rassemblement national went from 8 to 89 representatives, which is more than a tenfold increase compared to the previous election period. The conservative Les Républicains, on the other hand, was well and truly halved its representation in the National Assembly.