November 28, 2021

This article mentions Wikimedia or one of Wikimedia's projects. Please note that Wikipedia is a Wikimedia project. Wikimedia Commons is a project run by the Wikimedia Foundation that aims to build a central database to make images, videos and audio available for all wikimedia media projects. The files in the commons database are directly accessible to the other wikimedia projects, such as the multilingual online lexicon Wikipedia, the online dictionary Wiktionary and the non-fiction Wikibooks. The project was launched on September 7, 2004.


If an article links to a file that does not exist on the local server site, the software will search in Commons. This is done without the user noticing any delay, as it takes place at the same time as the loading of other parts of the page. Thus, the files are not only easier to find than if you had to search in different projects; it is also possible to avoid uploading the same file to several projects without the users noticing any difference in quality. Wikimedia Commons works in the same way as other wikimedia projects, with volunteer users maintaining the collection of media files. As it is a joint project for all wikipedias, language has been a special challenge. To reduce the risk of uploading files to Wikimedia Commons that are not released by the copyright holder, Commons requires users to be registered and logged in in order to upload files. There are also stricter rules for uploading images than on the various wikipedias, as it must be clear that the files are released for use worldwide under a license that is compatible with GNU FDL. However, unregistered users have full access to the collection, and can edit the articles where the files are presented.

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Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization in San Francisco that runs wiki projects, including the online encyclopedia Wikipedia Creative Commons, a licensing system for intellectual property

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