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October 17, 2021


Judy Simone Nyamburah Karanja (b. 1987) is an actress at the Norwegian Theater. Marie Juchacz (1879–1956) was a German social reformer, social democrat and feminist. Olinestien in Bergen is named after one of Amalie Skram's novel characters. Bolster is a strong, tightly woven fabric, often with stripes, which was used for bedding. The drama film I Want Wings (1941) takes place in a fighter jet environment. Hong Kong's women's national handball team has not yet won a medal in any championship. George Inness (1825-1894) was a leading landscape painter in the United States in the 19th century. The galley "Jesus Maria" from 1412 had 252 oars. Ben Ray Luján (dem.) Represents New Mexico in the US Senate. Antarctica's nature is characterized by being the highest, driest and coldest continent on Earth. The Battle of Sedan in May 1940 was crucial for France's capitulation. The Cohabitation Handbook The Five Languages ​​of Love by Gary Chapman was published in 1992. Southern wood ant hatches are widespread over large parts of South America. In 2018, the French game designer Muriel Tramis became a knight of the Legion of Honor. List of medal winners during the Summer Olympics 2020 is a complete overview. Kobbelva in Sørfold flows from the high mountains at the national border to Leirfjorden. Riemann's differential geometry was introduced by Bernhard Riemann at a lecture in 1854. The Minnevika railway bridge on the Dovre line is being built over Minnesund Optimistichna Petashera (Optimist Cave) in Ukraine is Eurasia's longest cave complex. The Norwegian Craftsmen's honorary prize is awarded every other year. The river Tufsinga in Os empties into Femunden. Myrkur is a Danish music project and black metal band led by Amalie Bruun. The migratory bird Hermit snipe nests in Canada and Alaska. The Jastorf culture in the Iron Age existed in southern Denmark and northern Germany. The Formula 1 race Monaco Grand Prix 2018 was won by Daniel Ricciardo from Australia. Edvard Brandes was a Danish politician, editor, author and cultural figure. The British Journal of Criminology is a leading scientific journal in criminology and jurisprudence. Mary Simon is the new Governor General of Canada from 2021. Claude Joseph was Haiti's Prime Minister April-July 2021. Marsha Blackburn (Rep.) Is the first female senator from Tennessee. Johan Grøn Lund represented Søndre Trondhjem County in the Storting 1848-1853. The Austrian Grand Prix 2021 was won by Dutchman Max Verstappen. The orchids red forest lady, fly flower, marisko and bridal spores are the most important conservation values ​​in the Bremsåsen nature reserve. Martin Gunnerud (1848-1932) was mayor of Røyken and member of the Storting for the party Centrum. Slovenský kras National Park is located in a karst landscape and is one of nine national parks in Slovakia The weaver Augusta Christensen (1852–1923) transferred Gerhard Munthe's watercolors to tapestries Belgian Girl Hauttekeete is the best in the world in indoor wrestling in the U20 class. The rich cultural monuments in Vimose on Funen were discovered in the 1840s. Olav Duun's children's book Storbåten (1912) is about breaking up from childhood. Bastian Svendsen (1795–1865) wrote the biographies of all priests in Eastern Norway. Strykenåsen nature reserve in Drammen was established in 2002 to preserve calcareous coniferous forest. During the Holocaust in Austria, 65,000 Jews were murdered and 125,000 were forced to leave the country. The 1970 Women's Handball Championship was won by Freidig after beating Vestar in the final. The film The Judgment of Nuremberg (1961) won two Oscars for its depiction of the Nuremberg trials after World War II. Fartein Valen's "Ode to loneliness" was only performed after Valen's death. Apollon record bar in Bergen started in 1976 and is Norway's oldest independent record store. Romsdalsgondolen opened in May 2021 and goes to Nesaksla 700 m.o.h. at Åndalsnes. The film musical The Great Premiere (1953) was nominated for 3 Oscars. The mega-flood from Nedre Glomsjø 11000 years ago shaped the landscape in Eastern Norway. The Anaris accident in 1978 took 8 lives and was the start of mountain safety work in Sweden. «Portrait of the painter J.C. Dahl »(1820) was made by Dahls tys

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