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October 20, 2021

The goal of Wikipedia is to create a source of information in the form of an encyclopedia that is freely available. The license we use, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0, provides free access to our content in the same way as free software that has a free license. It is to be understood that Wikipedia's content may be copied, modified and redistributed as long as users of Wikipedia's content grant their users the same rights, and as long as Wikipedia is credited as a source. See below for how this is done specifically. Terms of use These terms are provided by the Wikimedia Foundation and are not subject to change. The Norwegian translation (right) must be considered unofficial. It is the English text (left) that is authoritative, and in case of any discrepancies it is the English version that applies.

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Material published elsewhere

It is not allowed to use other people's material without their permission. Therefore, material previously published elsewhere is removed from Wikipedia, unless it is clear that the material has a compatible license. If you have experienced that something you have produced and published elsewhere has been deleted from Wikipedia, but accept that it is published under the CC-BY-SA license, you can send an e-mail to Wikipedia: OTRS. In this email, you must clearly state that you agree to the "Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License", see the Terms and Conditions section for details. Permission to publish the material only in Wikipedia does not hold. Photographs, drawings and paintings Images taken, drawn or painted by a contributor must be granted a free license that meets the requirements of the Definition of Free Cultural Works. In the case of photos taken by others, they must agree to grant the photo a license that complies with the requirements of a free license. If this is not possible, we will have to wait for the copyright to expire. For Norwegian images that achieve work height: Will be released 70 years after the author's year of death Or 70 years after publication if the author is not named For Norwegian images that do not achieve working height: Will be released if it is at least 50 years since the year the picture was made, AND if it is at least 15 years since the author's year of death For a more detailed explanation of the difference between a photographic image and a photographic work, see Wikipedia: Guidelines for image use / Photographs For images published in other countries, different rules may apply; see Commons: Licensing for an overview of this. Images and files will be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. This allows the image to be used on all Wikimedia projects, not just this Wikipedia. The rules for image licenses are the same on Commons and on this Wikipedia. For more information about image licenses, see Image usage guidelines. If you find a copyright infringement in Wikipedia It is not the job of wikipedians to review all articles for possible copyright infringement, but if you suspect that there is one, then you should at least point it out on the corresponding discussion page. An administrator will then assess the situation and do what is necessary. The best information that can be given in such a case is a link or other reference to the place you think the text comes from. You can find any plagiarized web pages by searching for words and phrases in the text with a search engine. In the case of images and other files without information on origin, it is immediately much more difficult to determine whether it is plagiarism; or it is an image that the user has taken or been allowed to use, but has just forgotten to enter the information for. What you can do is enter {{? -Picture}} on the page to which the image itself belongs (not the article it says!), And ask the person who uploaded it

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