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October 17, 2021

This week's article: the best from our own wiki and a Scandinavian collaboration This week's article is a section on the front page that is updated once a week with the first paragraphs from a particularly good article from our Wikipedia, along with a picture. The articles are selected from our Excellent Articles, Recommended Articles and Good Lists. You can also help propose an article as the article of the week; you enter your proposal on a free discussion page under the annual overview of proposals. Here you can also comment on other people's suggestions. Check in advance on the article's talk page that the article belongs to one of the quality brand groups mentioned above, and that the article has not already been the Article of the Week. An overview of possible articles can be found here. Scandinavian cooperation. The Scandinavian wikipedia editions collaborate to show good articles on each other's front page. These articles are copied from our neighboring language wikipedias, based on the choice of the week's article already made there.

This week's article

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Danish article of the week

get from then Selected Swedish article Selected Swedish article is selected from the articles that are this week's selected on Swedish wikipedia: here.

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