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January 20, 2022

Week 1 Inflation is a lasting rise in the prices of goods and services in an economy. When the general price level rises, each unit of a currency will be able to buy fewer goods and services, and thus inflation corresponds to a reduction in the purchasing power of money. The opposite of inflation is deflation, which is a lasting decline in the general price level of goods and services. The most common unit of measurement of inflation is the inflation rate, which is the annual percentage change in the general price index. Today, many economists prefer low and stable inflation. Low (as opposed to zero or negative) inflation reduces the severity of economic recessions by allowing the labor market to adapt more quickly in a downturn, and reduces the risk of a liquidity trap preventing monetary policy from stabilizing the economy. The responsibility for keeping the inflation rate low and stable is usually vested in monetary authorities. The monetary authorities are mainly central banks that control monetary policy by setting interest rates, conducting market operations and, more rarely, setting requirements for reserves held by commercial banks. Read more… View - See Nynorsk - history Week 2 Cape Horn is the southernmost headland on the Tierra del Fuego Islands, also known as the Land of Fire, in southern Chile. It is the southernmost point in South America and marks the northern border of the Drakesund. For many years, the headland was a milestone on the cliff route, which the sailing ships sailed as they carried goods around the world. The waters around the headland, on the other hand, are particularly dangerous due to strong winds, high waves, strong ocean currents and icebergs, and in the sailing ship era, the area was known as a wet grave for many sailors. When the Panama Canal opened in 1914, far fewer ships sailed around Cape Horn. Today, sailing around the headland is considered one of the great challenges in sailing, sometimes as part of circumnavigation. Today, on the other hand, one can sail through the canals just north of the headland, but many still wait for good weather and sail around the historic headland. Read more… View - See Nynorsk - history Week 3 Joe's Garage is a 1979 rock opera by Frank Zappa. Originally, the project was released as two separate studio albums on Zappa Records, but it was later re-released as a triple album called Joe's Garage, Acts I, II & III in 1987. The story was told by a character called "Central Scrutinizer" if Joe, an ordinary teenager who forms a garage rock band, has unsatisfactory relationships with women, donates all his money to a state-assisted and hypocritical religion, explores sexual activities with aids, and ends up in prison. After escaping from prison to a dystopian society where even music is forbidden, he slips into insanity. The album covers many styles of music. The lyrics are often satirical or comic comments about American society and politics. They cover topics such as individualism, free will, censorship, the music industry and sexuality, and engage in satire with Catholicism and Scientology. Originally it received medium to positive messages, but the critics praised the innovative and original music, but criticized the scatological, sexual and mocking lyrics. In recent years, Joe's Garage has been highlighted as one of Zappa's best works. Read more… View - See Nynorsk - history Week 4 Firewood is wood that can be used for fuel. The calorific value of the wood varies with the moisture percentage and the specific gravity of the woody crop. It is common to use wood that is not suitable for other objects, such as thin or crooked branches and cuttings from the wood industry, for fuel. Before it can be burned, the wood should be divided into smaller pieces so that it has a large surface that the fire can handle. This is usually done by sawing it up or splitting it with an ax on a chopping block. Firewood is the oldest known source of energy, and firewood is still common in large parts of the world. Wood is a renewable resource for as long as one

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