May 28, 2022

Events in Poland

The clergy and secular nobility led by Archbishop Marcin claimed the rights of the imprisoned Zbigniew (Władysław Herman's firstborn son). Władysław Herman had to free him, and moreover, assign districts to both sons. Zbigniew took Wielkopolska and Kujawy, Bolesław Krzywousty took Małopolska, Silesia and the Lubuskie land, while Władysław Herman kept Mazovia and the main castles in his sons' lands for himself.

World events

May 14 - First Crusade: The siege of Nicaea begins. May 21 - First Crusade Expedition: the crusaders besieging Nice (today's İznik in Turkey) repelled after a day of fighting the attempted relief of the troops of Kilidja Arslan I, ruler of the Seljuk Sultanate of Rum. July 1 - First Crusade Expedition: The Crusaders won the Battle of Doryleum. June 19 - First Crusade Expedition: The Crusaders captured the Nikea Fortress. October 20 - First Crusade Expedition: The Crusaders laid siege to Antioch. Establishment of the county of Portugal. Battle in the Gvozd Mountains, which brought the Kingdom of Croatia into the Kingdom of Hungary

The dead

Piotr Svačić - the last king of Croatia since 1093, died in a battle in the Gvozd Mountains