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May 28, 2022

May 13 is the 133rd (134th in leap years) day in the Gregorian calendar. 232 days remain until the end of the year.


Name days are celebrated by: Agnieszka, Aaron, Ciechosław, Cieszmir, Dobiesław, Dobiesława, Gemma, Gerard, Gerard, Gliceria, Gloria, Jan, Magdalena, Maria, Mucjusz, Natal, Robert, Roberta and Serwacy. Memories and holidays in the Catholic Church are celebrated by: Blessed Virgin Mary of Fatima (in memory of the first apparition of Our Lady to the three shepherds of Fatima) st. Gemma from Goriano Sicoli st. Natal (bishop) st. Serwacy (bishop), one of the so-called three cold gardeners st. Piotr Regalat

Events in Poland

1350 - In Łowicz, King Casimir III the Great concluded an anti-Teutonic alliance with the King of Denmark, Waldemar IV. 1433: The Polish-Teutonic War (1431-35): the Duke of Racibórz, Mikołaj V Karniowski, defeated Bolek V Hussite, the Duke of Głogów-Prudnik, in the battle of Trzebnica. Hussite Wars: The Battle of Żory ended with the victory of the anti-Hussite troops. 1498 - Polish-Turkish war (1485–1503): Turkish troops reached Lviv, burning down the suburbs and taking 20,000. people. 1534 - (or March 3) Andrzejewo in Mazovia obtained city rights. 1618 - The Church of the Discovery of the Holy Cross in Grodno is consecrated. 1657 - Swedish Deluge: Swedish and Transylvanian troops captured Brest of Lithuania. 1733 - The total solar eclipse was visible from the territory of Poland. 1779 - The peace treaty of Cieszyn was concluded, ending the war of the Bavarian Succession. 1794 - the Kościuszko Insurrection: the troops of the Commander of the Armed Forces Tadeusz Kościuszko, stationed in the fortified camp near Połaniec, repelled the attack of the Russian troops of Major General Fyodor Denisov. 1803 - New Galicia was incorporated into the territory of Galicia. 1815 - The literary Society of Iks was established in Warsaw. 1831 - November Uprising: victory of the insurgents in the Battle of Jędrzejów and defeat in the Battle of Palanga. 1849 - After a fight with Polish farmhand, Prussian soldiers in retaliation murdered 5 Poles in Jeżyce (now part of Poznań), and wounded many others. 1856 - The Scientific Library of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Polish Academy of Sciences was established in Krakow. 1863: The Tsar of Russia, Alexander II Romanov, appointed Mikhail Muraviev of Vilnius as the governor-general of the Northwestern Country (Lithuania), giving him special powers to suppress the January Uprising. The January Uprising: defeat of the insurgents at the Battle of Kietlanka. 1913 - The football club Sparta Brodnica was established. 1922 - The Polish Gymnasium in the Free City of Gdańsk was inaugurated. 1934 - Janusz Jędrzejewicz's government collapsed. 1937 - Anti-Jewish incidents broke out in Brześć nad Bugiem after the murder of a Polish policeman by a Jew. 1940 - 22 Polish officers escaped from Oflag II B Arnswalde in Choszczno through the central heating sewers. 17 of them were captured and 5 escaped to Warsaw. 1943 - As a result of the Soviet air raid on Warsaw, on the night of May 13, about 300 Poles died and about 1,000 were wounded. German losses amounted to 17 killed and 17 wounded. 1944: 215 American planes carried out a bombing raid on Szczecin. The Battle of Murowana Oszmianka began, in which the Home Army defeated the collaborative Lithuanian Local Corps. 1953 - The Evening Engineering School was established in Lublin, which later transformed into the Lublin University of Technology. 1964 - A new license plate design was introduced (2 letters + 4 digits). 1966 - Premiere of the comedy film Baked Doves, directed by Tadeusz Chmielewski. 1967 - The Nicolaus Copernicus Park in Wrocław is opened. 1969: Ryszard Szurkowski won his first stage of the Pokoju Race (Warsaw-Łódź) in his career. The Center for Research on the Christian Antiquity of the Catholic University of Lublin was established (as the Interdepartmental Research Center on the Christian Antiquity).