October 13


October 28, 2021

October 13 is the 286th (287th in leap years) day on the Gregorian calendar. 79 days remain until the end of the year.


Name days are celebrated by: Daniel, Faust, Florenciusz, Florenty, Gerald, Geraldna, Gerbert, Honorat, January, Karp, Magdalena, Marcjalis, Maurycy, Mikołaj, Reginbald, Siemisław, Teofil, Wacław, Wacław, Wenancjusz and Wenanty. Burundi - Louis Rwagasore Day International: International Day of Disaster Reduction (established by the UN General Assembly since 2009, previously on Wednesday, October 2, as the International Day for Disaster Reduction) Poland: Medical Emergency Day Marrow Donor Day Peace Patrol Day Memories and holidays in the Catholic Church are celebrated by: bl. Aleksandra Maria da Costa (mystic) st. Gerald of Aurillac († 909) bl. Honorat Koźmiński (priest) (Catholic Church in Poland, in the world on December 16) st. January (martyr) st. Carp of Berea (martyr) (also on May 26) st. Carp of Thyatyra (martyr) (also on April 13) st. Theophilus of Antioch (Bishop of Syrian Antioch)

Events in Poland

1282 - The prince of Kraków, Leszek the Black, defeated the allied Lithuanian-Yotvingian army in the Battle of the Narew. 1545 - Polish borderland magnates, under the command of the starost of Włodzimierz Fyodor Sanguszko, captured and plundered the Turkish castle in Ochakiv. 1770 - The Confederation of Bar passed the Act of Dethronement of Stanisław August Poniatowski. 1805 - The Krzemieniec Secondary School was opened. 1847 - The Kraków Główny railway station and the railway line to Mysłowice are opened. 1906: The first issue of the weekly "Echa Kieleckie" has been published. The Warsaw School of Economics was established (as August Zieliński's Private Commercial Courses for Men). 1912 - at ul. Wolska in Warsaw, the Mariavite cemetery was opened. 1918 - The Republic of Zakopane was established. 1923 - As a result of the terrorist attack in the Warsaw Citadel, 28 people were killed and several dozen were injured. 1926: The premiere of the film Call of the Sea, directed by Henryk Szaro. The Jewish Theater in Krakow was inaugurated. 1935 - The government of Marian Zyndram-Kościałkowski was established. 1939 - The National Military Organization was established. 1942: German and Ukrainian troops liquidated the ghetto in Zdołbunów in Wołyń. About 1,700 Jews were led to the village of Staromylsk and shot there. The liquidation of the Jewish ghetto in Piotrków Trybunalski began. 1952 - A representative artistic group of the ZHP "Gawęda" was established. 1958 - Premiere of the film Farewells, directed by Wojciech Jerzy Has. 1963 - At the XIII European Men's Basketball Championship held in Wrocław, the Polish national team won the vice-championship, losing to the USSR in the final by 45:61. 1978 - At ul. Głogowska in Poznań, the first night shop was opened. 1979 - The Astronomical Observatory in Olsztyn was opened. 1982 - During a demonstration in Nowa Huta, a 20-year-old worker, Bogdan Wlosik, was shot dead by a Security Service officer. 1984 - Near Gdańsk, the future murderers of Father Jerzy Popiełuszko tried to stop his car by throwing a stone at the window. The drivers managed to take control of the vehicle and escape. 1985 - The elections to the Sejm of the Polish People's Republic were held. 1993 - A coalition agreement was signed between SLD and PSL. The Labor Union withdrew from the negotiations. 1994 - A regional radio station, Radio 90 FM, was launched with its seat in Wodzisław Śląski (since 2005 in Rybnik). 1998: The Sejm of the Republic of Poland passed the act on the social insurance system. Telewizja Polsat started broadcasting the sitcom Miodowe lata. 2006 - Polish premiere of the Italian-Canadian-Polish biographical film Karol. The Pope Who Remained a Man directed by Giacomo Battiato. 2007 - The Solidarity Bridge was opened in Płock. 2009: Grzegorz Schetyna, Andrzej Czuma and Mirosław Drzewiecki left the first government of Donald Tusk. Mariusz K.

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