January 13


January 19, 2022

January 13 is the 13th day on the Gregorian calendar. There are 352 (in leap years 353) days left until the end of the year.


Name days are celebrated by: Bogumił, Bogusąd, Falisław, Glafyra, Godfryd, Gotfryd, Hilary, Judyta, Leoncjusz, Melania, Remigia, Remigiusz and Weronika. Poland - Mutual Adoration Day Togo - Freedom Day Memories and holidays in the Catholic Church are celebrated by: bl. Francis Maria Greco (priest) st. Glafyra of Amazia (4th century virgin) st. Hilary (Bishop of Poitiers) st. Leoncius (Bishop of Caesarea Cappadocia) st. Remigiusz (Bishop of Reims) bl. Veronica Negroni (nun)

Events in Poland

1455 - The Thirteen Years' War: Teutonic forces launched an unsuccessful attack on Gdańsk. 1502 - King Aleksander Jagiellończyk exempted the burghers of Bydgoszcz from customs duties on goods imported on the way back from Gdańsk. 1650 - Wejherowo received city rights. 1660 - IV Polish-Russian War: Russian troops sacked and burned Brześć Litewski. 1683 - The Royal Chapel in Gdańsk was consecrated. 1770 - The Confederates of Bar defeat in the battle with the Russian army at Grab. 1817 - Prof. Feliks Radwański won in the Senate of the Republic of Krakow a decision not to demolish part of the defensive walls of the Barbican and the Florian's Gate. 1830 - The first municipal girls' secondary school is established in Poznań. 1867 - The Piotrków Governorate was established. 1919: Under pressure from the Western powers, Poland withdrew its troops from Spisz and Orawa. In return, Czechoslovakia allowed the transit of weapons to Poland through its territory. The German authorities introduced a state of siege for Upper Silesia, which was in force until May 1 this year. 1931 - In Krakow, the police dispersed demonstrating unemployed people in front of the city hall. 1932 - Sentences were announced in the so-called Brest trial of the Centrolew leaders. 1936 - Sentences were announced in the trial of Ukrainian nationalists accused of participating in the attack on Interior Minister Bronisław Pieracki in 1934. 1942 - The Germans set up a Jewish ghetto in Brody near Lviv. 1943 - the Germans liquidated the Jewish ghetto in Szydłowiec. 1945: The National National Council issued a decree withdrawing the Soviet ruble from circulation. As a result of a raid of 250 American bombers, the synthetic gasoline factory in Police was finally shut down. 1946 - The Zampol company, the largest manufacturer of zippers in the country, was founded in Cieszyn. 1950 - The evening School of Engineering of the Supreme Technical Organization was established in Radom (currently the Kazimierz Pulaski University of Technology and Humanities in Radom). 1954 - The prison at the Lublin castle is closed. 1957 - The Aero Club of the Lubuskie Region was established. 1964 - Karol Wojtyła was nominated Metropolitan Archbishop of Krakow. 1965 - The premiere of the first program of the Dudek Cabaret took place in the Nowy Świat cafe in Warsaw. 1974 - Stanisław Wyspiański's November Night, directed by Andrzej Wajda, premiered at the Stary Theater in Kraków. 1982 - Martial law: the Polish National Resistance Committee was established. 1984 - The trial of the former television and radio authorities ended. Former chairman of the Radio Committee, Maciej Szczepański, was sentenced to 8 years' imprisonment. 2002 - The 10th Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity was held. 2003 - The Chata Sociologa student hostel on the top of the Otryt mountain range in the Western Bieszczady is completely burnt down. 2005 - In the southern part of Upper Silesia, a 3.5 degree seismic shock was felt, caused by the accident at the Coal Mine "Rydułtowy-Anna". 2008 - The 16th Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity took place. 2009 - GDDKiA Branch in Białystok terminated the contract for the construction of the Augustów bypass. 2013 - The 21st Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity took place. 2019: The 27th Final of the Wielka Orkiestra Świątec was held

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