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May 28, 2022

May 14 is the 134th (135th in leap years) day in the Gregorian calendar. There are 231 days left until the end of the year.


Name days are celebrated by: Ampelia, Ampeliusz, Bonifacy, Dobiesław, Dominika, Egidia, Fenenna, Idzi, Izydor, Jeremi, Jeremiasz, Koryna, Maciej, Maria, Michał and Wiktor. Liberia - Day of Unity Poland - Pharmacist Day Samoa - Samoa Mothers Day Sweden - Sign Language Day Memories and holidays in the Catholic Church are celebrated by: st. Boniface of Tarsus (martyr, one of the so-called three cold gardeners) st. Maciej the Apostle (martyr) st. Maria Dominika Mazzarello (Salesian) st. Michał Garicoïts (monk) st. Teodora Guérin (nun)

Events in Poland

1590 - Cieszanów received city rights. 1643 - St. Barbara in Częstochowa. 1772 - First Partition of Poland: Austrian troops crossed the Polish border. 1792 - A confederation against the reforms of the Great Seym is announced by Polish magnates in Targowica nad Siwucha. 1809 - Polish-Austrian war: Polish troops seized Lublin 1831 - November Uprising: defeat of the insurgents in the Battle of Daszów. 1866 - Louis Diebel became the first mayor of Katowice. 1886 - 9 people died as a result of a tornado crossing over Krosno Odrzańskie. 1906 - Baruch Szulman, a member of the PPS Combat Organization, carried out a successful bomb attack on the Tsarist Police Sub-commissioner N. Konstantinov in Warsaw. While escaping from the scene, he was shot dead. 1908 - The Prussian State Parliament approved the project to build the unfinished Masurian Canal, which was to connect the Great Masurian Lakes with the Baltic Sea through the Łyna and Pregoła rivers. 1920: Polish-Bolshevik war: the counteroffensive of the Bolshevik troops has begun. The 1st Congress of Class Trade Unions began in Warsaw. The Polonia Bydgoszcz sports club was established. The Polish Writers' Union was established. 1922 - The Polish national football team played the first ever international match in front of their own audience, losing to Hungary 0: 3 at the Cracovia Stadium. 1926 - May Coup: in the face of the counterattack of Marshal Józef Piłsudski's troops, Polish authorities withdrew to Wilanów, where in the evening President Stanisław Wojciechowski resigned his office, and Prime Minister Wincenty Witos resigned his government. 1928 - The Włókniarz Łódź football club was established. 1944: The pending battle of Rąblów between the Polish-Soviet partisan units and the German army. The soldiers of the Home Army Group Stołpecki won the Battle of Kamień Stołpecki in today's Belarus against two brigades of Soviet partisans. 1948 - The Central Law School in Warsaw was established. 1952 - The "Exemplary Driver" badge was established. 1955 - The Warsaw Pact was signed. 1983 - 19-year-old high school graduate Grzegorz Przemyk died in the hospital, beaten two days earlier by MO officers at the police station at ul. Jezuicka in Warsaw. 1984 - The premiere of the science fiction comedy Sexmission, directed by Juliusz Machulski. 1999 - Bogumił Kobiela's star was unveiled in the Avenue of Stars in Łódź. 2004 - Prime Minister Marek Belka delivered a parliamentary speech. 2005 - The statue of Charles de Gaulle was unveiled in Warsaw. 2014 - The International Exhibition and Congress Center Expo Krakow was opened.

World events

1027 - In the cathedral of Reims, Henry I was crowned vivente rege king of France. 1097 - First Crusade: the siege of Nicaea begins. 1264 - The Second War of the Barons in England: in the Battle of Lewes Simon of Montfort (the younger) defeated and captured the future King Edward I the Long-legged. 1450 - The Turkish army begins the siege of the Albanian fortress of Kruja. 1509 - War of the League of Combrai with Venice: victory of the French troops over the Venetian ones at the Battle of Agnadello. 1541