15th January


January 19, 2022

January 15 is the 15th day on the Gregorian calendar. By the end of the year, 350 (in leap years, 351) days remained.


Name days are celebrated by: Aleksander, Arnold, Dalemir, Dąbrówka, Dobrawa, Domasław, Domosław, Eligia, Eligiusz, Franciszek, Habakuk, Ida, Jan, Makary, Maksym, Maur, Micah, Paweł, Piotr and Tarsycja. North Korea - Korean Alphabet Day Malawi - John Chilenbwe Day IAL - Interlingua - Interlingua Day (Le die de Interlingua) Wikipedia - Wikipedia Day Memories and holidays in the Catholic Church are celebrated by: st. Arnold Janssen st. Irish Ita (known as "the second St. Bridget") Saint Paul of Thebes (hermit) st. Moor and St. Placid († 6th century, disciples of St. Benedict of Norcia) bl. Peter of Castelnau (martyr)

Events in Poland

1547 - Siedlce obtained city rights. 1582 - A Polish-Russian truce was concluded in Jam Zapolski, which ended the War of Livonia. 1734 - The last three royal funerals took place in the Wawel crypt. The following were buried: Jan III Sobieski, his wife Maria Kazimiera and August II the Strong. 1791 - The premiere of the political comedy The Return of Member of Parliament Julian Ursyn Niemcewicz took place. 1813 - VI anti-French coalition: Russian troops besieged Gdańsk. 1863: On the night of January 14-15, a captivity took place in Warsaw, which accelerated the outbreak of the January Uprising. The first edition of the religious weekly "Zwiastun Ewangeliczny" (Gospel Announcement) has been published in Warsaw. 1871 - The Warsaw Music Society was established. 1928: During the walk on the rope hung between the buildings at ul. Akademicka in Lviv, Stefan Poliński, a climber and acrobat, died. Władysław Bończa-Uzdowski became the president of the Polish Football Association. The operation of the Polish Radio in Vilnius was inaugurated. 1930 - The Polish Radio station in Lviv is inaugurated. 1935: The RWD-13 aircraft was tested. The operation of the Polish Radio station in Toruń was inaugurated. 1940: By the decree of the Supreme Council of the Byelorussian SSR, 101 poviats were liquidated in the Białystok, Baranowice, Brest, Vile and Pińsk districts and replaced them with regions. On the night of January 14-15, the Germans expelled approx. 5,000 residents of the estate Józef Montwiłła-Mirecki in Łódź. 1941 - The world premiere of Olivier Messiaen's composition Quatuor pour la fin du temp took place in Stalag VIII A in today's Zgorzelec. 1943 - The Germans carried out a gigantic round-up in Warsaw, in retaliation for which the People's Guard carried out three bomb attacks (including two unsuccessful ones) on cinemas "only for Germans" on the evening of January 17. 1944: The 27th Volhynian Infantry Division launched Operation "Storm" in Volhynia. The UPA unit massacred 55 residents of Markowa (Podhajecki poviat). 1945: Grójec, Kielce, Koniecpol, Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki and Słomniki were liberated from the German occupation. In the Krakow district of Dąbie, the Germans murdered 79 people. On the night of January 15-16, UPA units murdered Polish inhabitants of the villages of Błyszczanka and Latacz, located in the former Zaleszczyce poviat of the Tarnopol Province. 1977 - Radio Katowice aired the premiere program of the cabaret Zespół Adwokacki Discretion. 1979 - Premiere of the film Ticket Return directed by Ewa and Czesław Petelski. 1990 - The first Polish commercial radio station RMF FM began broadcasting in Krakow. 1993 - Premiere of the film Knight's Life in Abroad, directed by Andrzej Barański. 2008 - The 1000th episode of the Plebania series was broadcast on TVP1. 2016 - The 12th European Men's Handball Championship, organized for the first time in Poland, began. 2017 - The 25th Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity took place.

World events

69 - Roman Emperor Galba fell victim to a conspiracy by Otho, which was proclaimed by praetors

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