July 5, 2022

Events in Poland

July 19 - defeat of the Polish army of Stefan Potocki in the battle with the Turks and Tatars at Sasowy Róg. Potocki was taken prisoner.

World events

6 January - Axel Oxenstierna became Chancellor of Sweden. May 10 - Shah Jahan, later ruler of the Muslim empire in India from the Mughal dynasty, married his third wife Mumtaz Mahal, for whom he ordered the construction of the Taj Mahal mausoleum in Agra after her death. June 13 - Maciej Habsburg became the Roman emperor. The uprising against the Polish occupation that broke out in Russia in the fall of 1612 (during the so-called Great Troubles). September 3 - Polish-Russian war: the battle of Moscow was fought; an unsuccessful attempt to rescue the Polish crew besieged in the Kremlin by the Grand Hetman of Lithuania, Jan Karol Chodkiewicz. November 7 - great sadness: the surrender of the Polish crew in the Kremlin in Moscow. After the Russians conquered Kitaygrod, in the face of lack of food and no hope of relief, Colonel Mikołaj Struś, commanding the Polish crew in the besieged Kremlin, surrendered the facility (according to the old style, it was October 28). December 15 - German astronomer Simon Marius made the first description of the Andromeda Galaxy based on telescopic observations. December 28 - 234 years before the official discovery, Galileo first observed Neptune as a star.

They were born

June 25 - Jan Albert Waza, Polish bishop, son of King Sigismund III Vasa (died 1634) August 17 - Jeremi Michał Wiśniowiecki, prince Jarema, the terror of the Cossacks, one of the richest citizens of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth; author, sponsor and executor of the largest and fastest colonization action in the history of Poland (died 1651) November 17 - Dorgon, Manchu prince, author of the Manchu conquest of China, regent, posthumous honorary emperor (died 1650)

The dead

January 20 - Rudolf II Habsburg, Roman Emperor (born 1552) February 4 - Joseph of Leonessa, Italian Capuchin, missionary, Catholic saint (born 1556) June 8 - Hans Leo Hassler, German composer and organist (born 1564) August 12 - Giovanni Gabrieli, Italian composer and organist (born 1555) September 12 - Wasyl IV Szujski, Russian Tsar (born 1552) September 27 - Fr. Piotr Skarga, writer and preacher (born 1536) October 26 - Jean Bauhin, Swiss naturalist, botanist and herbarist (born 1541) December 5 - Jan Almond, English Catholic priest, martyr, saint (born 1577)

Movable Holidays

Fat Thursday: March 1 Shrovetide: March 6 Ashland: March 7 Palm Sunday: April 15 Holy Thursday: April 19 Good Friday: April 20 Holy Saturday: April 21 Easter: April 22 Easter Monday: April 23 Ascension of the Lord: May 31 Pentecost: June 10 Corpus Christi: June 21