January 23, 2022

Events in Poland

May 17 - the war of the Austrian succession: victory of the Prussian army over the Austrian army in the Battle of Chotusice. June 11 - Maria Teresa Habsburg and Frederick II the Great signed a peace treaty (the Prussian-Austrian treaty) in Wrocław, ending the First Silesian War, under which Prussia received almost all of Silesia along with the Kłodzko County. The conquest of Silesia meant a great increase in the economic potential of Prussia, as this region was one of the most developed in this part of Europe. November 7 - Gdańsk: on the initiative of Daniel Gralath, the Society of Nature is established.

World events

February 12 - Elector of Bavaria and King of Bohemia Charles VII of Bavaria was elected Roman-German emperor. February 16 - Spencer Compton, 1st Earl of Wilmington becomes Prime Minister of Great Britain. April 13 - Georg Friedrich Handel's Messiah premiered in Dublin. May 28 - The world's first indoor swimming pool opens in London. June 7 - Christian Goldbach formulates the still pending hypothesis that each positive even number is the sum of two prime numbers. July 28 - Prussia and Austria signed peace in Berlin. Frederick II the Great changed his title "King in Prussia" (German König in Preussen) to "King of Prussia" (German König von Preussen).

They were born

January 15 - Franciszek Ksawery Narwojsz, Polish Jesuit, mathematician, engineer (died 1819) February 16 - Renat Maria Andrieux, French Jesuit, martyr, blessed (died 1792) May 22 - Józef Maria Gros, French Catholic priest, martyr, blessed (died 1792) August 8 - Teofila Strzeżysawa née Jabłonowska Sapieżyna, Polish noblewoman, activist of the Bar Confederation, diarist and bibliophile (died 1816) August 20 - Tadeusz Reytan, patriotic activist and Member of Parliament (died 1780) December 26 - Ignaz von Born, Austrian geologist, mineralogist and metallurgist, freemason (died 1791) date unknown: Jan Józef de Lavèze-Belay, French Catholic clergyman, martyr, blessed (died 1792)

The dead

January 14 - Edmund Halley, English astronomer (born 1656) March 9 - Michael Klahr (the elder), sculptor, representative of the Silesian Baroque (born 1693) November 29 - Francis Antoni Fasani, Italian Franciscan, Catholic saint (born 1681) December 31 - Charles III Philip, Elector of the Palatinate (born 1661)

Movable Holidays

Fat Thursday: February 1 Remnants: February 6 Ashland: February 7 Palm Sunday: March 18 Holy Thursday: March 22 Good Friday: March 23 Holy Saturday: March 24 Easter: March 25 Easter Monday: March 26 Ascension of the Lord: May 3 Pentecost: May 13 Corpus Christi: May 24

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