July 5, 2022

Events in Poland

December 30 - Third Silesian War: in Kłodzko, he was hanged and sentenced to death for breaking the ban on confessing deserters from the Prussian army, Fr. Andreas Faulhaber. His corpse, not decomposing, hung on the gallows until the Austrian troops entered the city 2 years and 7 months later. The entry of Russian troops into Poland during the Seven Years' War.

World events

January 2 - The British captured Calcutta. January 5 - King Louis XV of France was lightly stabbed by an assassin. May 1 - France and Austria concluded the so-called the second treaty of Versailles - an offensive alliance directed against Prussia (the plan of the partition of Prussia in which Russia, Poland, Sweden, Austria, Saxony and France were to participate). May 6 - Seven Years' War: victory of Prussian troops over Austrian troops in the Battle of Prague. June 18 - the Austrian reserve army defeated the Prussian army at Kolin and recaptured the Czech Republic. June 23 - In the Battle of Palasi, British troops crushed the Hindu army of Nawab Bengal Siraj Ud Daulach. July 26 - The Seven Years' War: the victory of the French over the armies of Hanover, Hesse-Kassel and Brunswick at the Battle of Hastenbeck. 30th of August: Silesian Wars: Battle of Groß-Jägersdorf. Austrian troops occupied Silesia and approached Berlin. The Swedes entered West Pomerania. September 7 - The Seven Years' War: the victory of the Austrian army over the Prussian army in the Battle of Moys (now Zgorzelec Ujazd). November 5 - Seven Years' War: Frederick II defeated the French army at Rossbach. November 22 - Seven Years' War: Battle of Wrocław. December 5 - Seven Years' War: Frederick II defeated Austrian troops near Lutynia (Leuthen) and forced them to evacuate from Silesia. First postmortem examination in Japan (Sugita Genpaku).

They were born

January 1 - John Milledge, American politician, senator from Georgia (died 1818) January 21 - Elijah Paine, American lawyer, entrepreneur, politician, and Senator from the State of Vermont (died 1842) 3 February - Pál Kitaibel, Hungarian botanist and chemist, researcher of the flora of the Tatra Mountains and Slovak mineral waters (died 1817) February 14 - Kazimierz Nestor Sapieha, prince, general of Lithuanian artillery, marshal of the Four Years' Sejm and one of the creators of the Constitution of May 3 (died 1798) February 16 - Julian Ursyn Niemcewicz, Polish playwright, novelist, poet and diarist (died 1841) February 24 - Louis Longuet, French Catholic clergyman, martyr, blessed (died 1792) April 9 - Wojciech Bogusławski Polish actor, theater director, playwright (died 1829) April 19 - Edward Pellew British officer of the Royal Navy (died 1833) May 4 - Piotr Adrian Toulorge, French Catholic clergyman, martyr, blessed (died 1793) June 28 - Jan Paweł Woronicz, Polish Roman Catholic bishop, preacher, Jesuit (died 1829) August 9 - Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton, co-founder and vice-director of the first private orphanage in New York, wife of Alexander Hamilton (died 1854) September 6 - Marie Joseph de La Fayette, French military and politician, participant in the US Revolutionary War (died 1834) September 12 - John Brown, American politician, Kentucky senator (died 1837) September 21 - James Jackson, American politician, senator from the state of Georgia (died 1806) October 9 - Charles X of Bourbon, King of France. (died 1836) October 26 - Charles Pinckney, American military, diplomat, senator from South Carolina (died 1824) November 5 - Joseph Inslee Anderson, American politician, Tennessee Senator (died 1937) November 15 - Jacques-René Hébert, radical politician of the French Revolution (died 1794) November 28 - William Blake, English poet, painter, draftsman and engraver (died 1827) December 7 - Dwight Foster, American lawyer, politician, and Senator from Massachusetts (died 1823) December 20 - Anna Pio