October 17, 2021

Events in Poland

January 11 - US consulate opened in Toruń. March 1 - the first issue of the daily "Wiadomości Częstochowskie" was published. April 5 - Pope Pius X signed the encyclical Tribus circiter condemning the Polish Mariavites. April 24 - members of the PPS Combat Organization under the command of Jan Gorzechowski "Jura" released 10 prisoners of Pawiak who were threatened with the death penalty. April 26 - the first cross-country run in Poland: Lviv, distance 3200 m, Józef Mostowy, 15: 50.4 s. May 12 - The Mały Theater in Warsaw was established. May 14 - Baruch Szulman, a member of the PPS Combat Organization, carried out a successful bomb attack on the Tsarist Police, N. Konstantinov, the sub-commissioner of the tsarist police in Warsaw. While escaping from the scene, he was shot dead. May 24 - a stone lookout tower on Wielka Sowa in the Sudetes was put into use. June 9 - the later three-time Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland and Marshal of the Sejm, Walery Sławek, was seriously injured during the attack of the PPS Combat Organization on a Russian armored train near Milanówek. June 13 - Cracovia Sports Club was established in Krakow (as the Academic Football Club). July 5 - The Organizing Committee of the Polish Men's Secondary School in Łódź was established, chaired by Ludwik Frankowski. August 2 - in Otwock, the PPS Combat Organization carried out a successful assassination attempt on the head of the military police of the Kingdom of Poland, General A. Markgrafski. August 15 - Bloody Wednesday: The PPS Combat Organization carried out attacks on 80 Russian officials responsible for the repression. August 18 - Wanda Krahelska from the PPS Combat Organization made an unsuccessful attempt on the general-governor of Warsaw, Gieorgi Skaon. 23 August - 06 Zalenze was established, one of the first football clubs in today's Polish borders (Germany at that time). August 27 - a successful attempt by the OB PPS on the governor-general of Warsaw and the Warsaw governorate, Nikołaj Wonlarski. September-November - one of the oldest Polish football clubs - TS (Sports Society) Wisła Kraków - was established in Krakow. October - school strikes in Upper Silesia, in which children boycotted religious education in German (Zaborze, Kosztowy and Siemianowice Śląskie). October 10 - Łódź: 5 workers, participants of the anti-Russian Lodz Uprising, were executed under the sentence of a field court. October 13: the Warsaw School of Economics was established. the first issue of the weekly "Echa Kieleckie" was published. October 14 - in Lviv, the second obstacle race was held in Lviv (distance: 4000 m, L. Szerauc, 16: 04.1 s.) October 17 - the first school year begins at the Polish Junior High School in Łódź. October 27 - The Society for the Protection of Historical Monuments was established in Warsaw. October 31 - opening of the railway line Kraków-Trzebinia-Mysłowice (length 65.17 km) belonging to the Austrian State Railways. November 7 - Puławy obtained city rights. December 8 - Juvenia Kraków sports club was established. December 12 - The Lublin Museum was opened. December 22 - the so-called Lodz lockout, during which 30,000 were unemployed people. Daily date unknown: The first issue of the Nowe Tory monthly has been published. The first issue of the biweekly Siewba has been published on the initiative of activists from the Union of Young People's Poland. Act of the Vienna State Council on the construction of a canal connecting the Danube with the Vistula, with the river port in Krakow. Transformation of the factory operating as a family company into a joint-stock company (C.K. Privileged Fabryka Maszyn L. Zieleniewski Towarzystwo Akcyjne) with a capital of 1.5 million crowns. The Volunteer Fire Department was established in Szalowa. The first spirit rectification plant was established in Lublin, called Rektyfikacja Lubelska

World events

January 7 - Kinmochi Saionji becomes Prime Minister of Japan. January 16: the conference in Algecira has started

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