May 28, 2022

Events in Poland

January 20 - St. Zofia in Warsaw. March 3 - Bishop of Kraków Adam Stefan Sapieha took an ingres to the Wawel Cathedral. March 7 - the trial of the former Jasna Góra monk, Damazy Macocha, accused of murder and the repeated theft of votive offerings from the altar with a miraculous painting ended. The stepmother was sentenced to 12 years of hard labor. March 11 - the power plant in Nowy Sącz was launched. March 12 - a congress of the Polish Culture Society took place in Warsaw. March 31 - the first match was played at the Cracovia stadium. April 16 - a German secondary school for boys (currently Karol Miarka General Secondary School no. 1) was opened in Żory. April 27 - premiere of the film Wojewoda. May 4 - 24 people died in a train crash near the village of Marianka (Lubuskie Voivodeship) and 16 were injured. May 11 - liquidation of the Warsaw Aviation Society "Awiata", operating at the Mokotów airport. The tsarist military authorities took over hangars, an aircraft factory and a pilot school. May 20 - St. Alexander Nevsky in Warsaw. May 22 - Bolesław Prus was buried in Powązki. June 1 - French Hotel was opened in Krakow. June 8 - The Siennicki Bridge in Gdańsk was opened. June 9 - Zdzisław Latawiec (Pogoń Lwów) set 3 track and field records in Galicia in running competitions: 800 m - 2: 06.0 s; 1500 m - 4: 16.9 sec.; 3000 m - 9: 17.7 sec. June 12 - qualifying for the Austrian national team at the Olympic Games in Stockholm: 2 Austrian records were set by Poles (110 m, Tadeusz Garczyński, 16.2 seconds; 400 m, Władysław Ponurski, 53.5 seconds). June 15 - Warta Poznań, the oldest football club in Poznań, was established. June 22 - Włodzimierz Lenin came to Krakow from Paris. On July 6 - despite numerous protests by Poles, Nicholas II approved the exclusion of the Chełm region from the Kingdom of Poland, the Chełm province was established. August 25 - The Polish Military Treasury was established in Zakopane. October 7 - The Orphanage was opened by Janusz Korczak. October 10 - Inowrocław: tram communication was launched. October 13 - in Lviv, records of Galicia were set by: Władysław Ponurski in the 200 m run with a result of 22.8 seconds. Kazimierz Cybulski in a pole vault with a result of 3.21 m. November 10 - the Provisional Committee of the Confederated Independence Parties was established in Galicia. November 16 - the dam in Pilchowice on the Bóbr River was put into operation. December 22 - the oldest in Upper Silesia Kino Roma (as Kino Lichtspielhaus) was opened in Zabrze. In a specially erected building at ul. st. Gertrudy 5, the first modern cinema in Krakow, "Wanda", was opened. The Czyżyny airport in Krakow was established on the current balloon take-off site. Fr. Kazimierz Lutosławski designed the Scout's Cross. Hm. Władysław Olędzki founded a scouting movement in Ursynów (the 1st Ursynów Scout Team named after J. U. Niemcewicz). Biochemist Kazimierz Funk isolated the first vitamin - thiamine, and marked it with the symbol B because it treated the beriberi disease. A running track at the ŁKS Łódź stadium (S. Falkowski, 100 m - 11.2 s) was put into operation. In January, the first and in October the last issue of the monthly entitled "Przyrodniczy Pogłos na Świat i Życie" was published.

World events

1 January - The Republic of China was proclaimed in Nanjing. January 4 - The "Scouting Association" organization in the Commonwealth of Nations was officially registered (Royal Charter). January 6: New Mexico joined the United States as the 47th state. Alfred Wegener presented his theory on the migration of continents. January 7 - Italo-Turkish War: victory of the Italian fleet in the Battle of Kunfuza Bay. January 8 - the left-wing African National Congress party in the Republi was founded