August 12, 2022

Events in Poland

1 January - a peaceful structure of the Navy was introduced and the Navy Directorate was established in Warsaw. January 8 - elections to the Sejm of Central Lithuania were held. January 21 - The Workers University Society was established. January 22 - The Respublica Academic Corporation was established in Warsaw. January 25 - Cardinal Achille Ratti, the then apostolic nuncio in Poland (later Pope Pius XI), was awarded the Order of the White Eagle by the Chief of State. February - Minister of Military Affairs, Gen. Kazimierz Sosnkowski issued a directive on the navy, ordering the shift of the center of gravity from naval forces to river flotillas (by the end of 1926 not a single naval combat ship was purchased). February 1 - The Central Lithuanian Seym met in Vilnius for its inaugural session. February 7 - Maria Skłodowska-Curie is elected a member of the French Academy of Medicine. February 20 - The Vilnius Seym adopted a resolution on the annexation of Central Lithuania to Poland. February 22 - Chojnice Sailing Club was established - the oldest Polish sailing club. March 2 - planned (but not completed by this date) adoption of a resolution by the Sejm of the Republic of Poland on the incorporation of Central Lithuania into Poland. 5 March - the resignation of the first government of Antoni Ponikowski (as a result of the rejection of the resolution on the incorporation of Central Lithuania as planned by the government). 5–6 March - The Founding Congress of the All-Polish Youth. March 10 - the second government of Antoni Ponikowski was established. March 17 - the 1st Congress of the Communist Union of Polish Youth took place in Warsaw. March 19 - the official date of birth of the football club Lech Poznań (under the name of Lutnia Dębiec). March 21 - The Sejm adopted the Electricity Act. April 3 - ordinance of the Council of Ministers on the organization and competences of the naval authorities (Journal of Laws of 1922, No. 30, item 243). April 6 - the Legislative Sejm adopted the law "On the assumption of state power over the Vilnius Land"; Central Lithuania was incorporated into Poland. April 7: The Fablok plant from Chrzanów handed over to PKP the first Tr21 series cargo steam locomotive manufactured in Poland with a 3-axle tender. premiere of the film "Chłopi". April 8 - Bug Wyszków football club was established. April 9 - the Łódź-Ozorków suburban steam tram line was launched. April 18 - Central Lithuania joined Poland. April 30 - official establishment of the Polish football club - Dyskobolia Grodzisk, then KS Dyskobolia. April - a fight between MPs at a session of the Sejm during a debate on economic fraud (Warsaw). May 10 - The Naval Shipyard in Puck was established, later moved to Gdynia. May 13 - The Polish Gymnasium in the Free City of Gdańsk inaugurated. May 14 - the Polish national football team played the second international match and the first match in history in front of Polish audiences, losing to Hungary 0: 3 at the Cracovia Stadium. May 15 - Poland and Germany signed the so-called Upper Silesian Convention. It provided for the retention of German legislation in Upper Silesia. The Polish part of Upper Silesia was granted autonomy ("Organic Statute of the Silesian Voivodeship"). May 16 - The law on holidays was passed. May 18 - in their first international match, Legia Warszawa lost at home to Czech Viktoria Žižkov 2: 9. May 20 - The Industrial Chemistry Research Institute in Lviv was established. June 6 - resignation of the second government of Antoni Ponikowski. June 16 - The Polish Army under the command of General Stanisław Szeptycki entered Piekary Śląskie. June 20 - units of the Polish Army under the command of General Stanisław Szeptycki entered the part of Upper Silesia assigned to Poland as a result of the Third Silesian Uprising. June 22 - The Polish Army entered Katowice. June 24