January 19, 2022

World War II

war in North Africa war in Asia and the Pacific war in Europe war in Poland

Other events in Poland

January 5 - by order of Stalin, the Polish Workers' Party was founded, it was formed by Polish communists from the so-called Initiative Group transported from Moscow by air. January 6 - establishment of the armed organization of the Polish Workers' Party - People's Guard. February 12 - Maciej Aleksy Dawidowski (alias Alek) picked up and hid a plate with a German inscription from the monument of Nicolaus Copernicus in Warsaw. February 14 - the Union of Armed Struggle was transformed into the Home Army. February 21/22 - Operation "Bollwerk": during the night, 12 Home Army soldiers and 5 residents of Chwaliszewo set fire to German warehouses in the river port in Poznań, which contained food and uniforms. March 2 - executions of the Warsaw ring: a group of 100 Polish political prisoners were taken from Warsaw for execution, they were probably shot on the same day by the Germans in the Treblinka I labor camp. March 6 - a Home Army soldier Józef Mierzyński shot and killed two Gestapo men in Zgierz in self-defense. In retaliation on March 20, the Nazis shot 100 Poles brought from Lodz prisons in the city. March 7 - in Bełchatów, the Nazis murdered 4 soldiers of the Home Army. March 16 - The Nazis began the liquidation of the Lublin ghetto (Operation Reinhardt). March 18 - in retaliation for the killing of a German gendarme, the Nazis executed 16 Poles and 16 Jews, inhabitants of Kazanów and the surrounding area in the Zwoleń poviat. March 20: in Zgierz, the Germans publicly executed 100 Poles and deported 300 to concentration camps. The Sign of Fighting Poland appeared on the walls of Warsaw. March 24 - the Nazis shot the inhabitants and staff of the Jewish Home for the Elderly and Orphans in Lublin. March 27 - The Germans murdered all patients and some of the staff of the Jewish Hospital in Lublin. March 28 - People's Guard was created - an armed organization of the Polish Workers' Party (the decision was backdated to January 6, 1942). April 2 - the first edition of the underground literary monthly Sztuka i Naród was published in Warsaw. April 15 - in the quarries in the Krakow district of Podgórze, the Germans set up a labor camp "Liban". May 11 - about 120 Jews were shot by three Germans in the ghetto in Józefów (Biłgoraj poviat) and a nearby quarry. May 15 - in Klewań in Volhynia, German and Ukrainian troops shot all local Jews (approx. 1,500 people). May 19 - several people were injured in a bomb attack on a casino on Aleja Szucha in Warsaw, targeting people collaborating with the Germans. May 20 - in retaliation for the killing of three Germans, about 400 inhabitants of Święciany and the vicinity of the Vilnius Region were shot. May 25 - 270 Jews were shot in Kiwery in Volhynia by the German SD, the military police and the Ukrainian police. May 26 - in Wereszczyna in the Lublin region, the Germans shot about 300 Jews. May 28 - in the forest near Magdalenka, the Germans executed 223 prisoners from Pawiak. June 3 - The Germans liquidated the ghetto in Przemyśl. June 3-5 - the Germans shot 6-8 thousand. Jews from one of the two ghettos in Kowel in the former Volhynia Province. June 8 - in a forest near Iwaniec in today's Belarus, the Germans shot 800 Jews. June 8/9 - at night near the Kamienna Karczma settlement in Pomerania, members of the Polish resistance movement from the Secret Military Organization "Gryf Pomorski" attacked the train on which Adolf Hitler was supposed to travel. Since Hitler's itinerary was changed by him at the last minute, the bombers blew up another squad. 10th of June: about 50 prisoners made an attempt to escape from the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp, which nine of them were successful, incl. actor August Kowalczyk

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