May 28, 2022

Events in Poland

January 8 - The Literary Institute in Paris started the edition of "Zeszyty Historyczne". January 11 - premiere of the film A Touch of the Night. January 14 - Metropolitan Archbishop of Gniezno and Primate of Poland Józef Kowalczyk was ordained a priest. January 15 - the Kikut lighthouse was launched. February 3: the authorities closed the Crooked Circle Club. the State Museum of Przewkowski in Jędrzejów. February 15 - The Sejm passed the Citizenship Act. The ban on having dual citizenship deprives emigrants of Polish citizenship. February 18 - the Nordic World Ski Championships began in Zakopane. February 21 - on the Babiak-Lipie Góry trail, when the train with the Ty246-17 steam locomotive and the fast train passed by, a boiler explosion in the steam locomotive took place. The engine crew was killed and a dozen or so passengers of the fast train were injured. February 22 - the "Przyjaźń" pipeline was launched, connecting the Soviet Union, Poland and the GDR. March 9 - premiere of the Oscar-nominated film Knife in the Water directed by Roman Polański, based on a script co-created by Jerzy Skolimowski, Kuba Goldberg and the director himself, with music by Krzysztof Komeda. March 24 - the first performance of the blue-black group took place in the Gdańsk club "Żak". April 1 - the program My tape recorder by Mateusz Święcicki inaugurated the regular broadcast of Program III of the Polish Radio. April 24 - the multi-role PZL-104 Wilga flight test took place. May 21 - the Polish Cybernetic Society was established. June 6 - "Supersam", the first large self-service store in Poland, was opened in Warsaw. July 1 - Wisła was granted city rights. July 7 - Czarna Wieś received city rights and the name of Czarna Białostocka. July 18 - 36 towns were granted municipal rights. July 20 - in Warsaw sprinter Teresa Ciepły set the Polish record in the 100 m race with the result of 11.5 seconds. 27 July - the Narew Ostrołęka football club was established. September 2 - the runner Jerzy Kowalski sets a Polish record in the 400 m race with the result of 46.0 s. September 9 - consecration of the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Gorzów Wielkopolski. 16th of September: runner Janina Piórko set the Polish record in the 400 m race with a result of 55.7 s. runner Krystyna Nowakowska set the Polish record in the 800 m race with a score of 2: 05.8 s. August 19 - bank robbery in Wołów: robbers stole banknotes worth over PLN 12 million (the average salary at that time was around PLN 2,000). October 2 - Polish Television broadcast the first bedtime story, Jacek and Agatka. October 9: During the Great Parade of the Warsaw Pact Forces in Szczecin, there was a tragic accident, a Polish tank ran over seven children with its caterpillars and injured 21 people. train crash near Piotrków Trybunalski: 34 people were killed and 67 injured as a result of a collision of two fast trains. October 12 - the first block of the Halemba power plant was put into operation. November 12 - premiere of the film Two Who Stole the Moon, based on the novel by Kornel Makuszyński. November 13 - The National Defense League was established. November 15 - Warsaw: the western Hala Mirowska, rebuilt after the war, is put into use. December 1 - The Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Warsaw, due to the construction of the W-Z route and the extension of Leszno Street (at that time Al. Gen. K. Świerczewskiego), on the night of November 30 to December 1 was moved 21 meters back. December 4 - the trial of 6 perpetrators of a bank robbery in Wołów began in Wrocław. December 14 - Wrocław Television launched. December 19 - 33 people died when the PLL LOT Vickers Viscount scheduled plane returning from Brussels crashed during the landing approach at the Warsaw airport in Okęcie. December 22 - Mr.