May 28, 2022

Events in Poland


January 1 - Drzewica, Jelcz-Laskowice, Skała, Tarnogród and Zalewo obtained city rights. January 5: the premiere of the film On the Nemunas took place. this season, 40 bison were destined for foreign exchange hunting. January 6 - a government spokesman announced the results of the July 1986 amnesty at the conference; 71.5 thousand used it people, 15 thousand were released from prisons people. January 10 - premiere of the film Blind Chance. January 12 - Wojciech Jaruzelski traveled to Italy and the Vatican. 19 January - Czesław Bobrowski resigned from the position of the chairman of the Economic Consultative Council, raising reservations about many moves of economic policy. January 31 - John C. Whitehead, US Deputy Secretary of State, completed his visit to Poland. He talked, inter alia, with Lech Wałęsa and Wojciech Jaruzelski.


February 1 - Primate Cardinal Józef Glemp gave an interview to the Moscow weekly "Litieraturnaja Gazieta". February 4 - 17 miners died as a result of a methane and coal dust explosion in KWK "Mysłowice". February 10 - the first concert of Metallica in Poland took place in the Spodek hall in Katowice. February 19 - American economic sanctions against the People's Republic of Poland were lifted. February 21 - a fire broke out on the premises of Fabryka Samochodow Osobowych in Warsaw, as a result of which the high-bay warehouse burned down. The cause of the fire was arson. February 26 - Gdańsk Fantasy Club was registered.


March 15 - the corvette ORP Kaszub entered service. March 20 - The Food and Drug Administration has approved azidothymidine for the treatment of HIV infection. 22th of March: 15th World Cross Country Championships were held in Warsaw. Cycling coach Andrzej Imosa, during a training ride with a group of charges through the village of Rudka Bałtowska near Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, was attacked by a drunk attacker, as a result of which he fell with his bicycle and suffered fatal head injuries (he died on April 6). March 28 - another increase in the prices of food, fuel, energy and gasoline. March 30 - the premiere edition of Panorama of the Day (from September 2, 1991 Panorama) was released on TVP2.


April 17 - the government journal "Rzeczpospolita" published the assumptions of the so-called The second stage of economic reform. April 21 - the first performance of the Modern Talking band in Poland.


May 7 - the Sejm introduced a provision on the institution of a referendum to the constitution. May 8 - 2nd PRON congress, "Jaruzelski's Plan". May 9 - 183 people died in the crash of the PLL LOT Ił-62M "Tadeusz Kościuszko" plane in the Kabacki Forest near Warsaw. May 20 - the Foundation of Brother Albert based in Radwanowice. May 27 - a monument to Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński was erected in front of the Church of the Sisters of Visitation in Warsaw. May 31 - statement "62".


June 1 - the first public happening of the Orange Alternative in Wrocław. June 8-14 - John Paul II's third pilgrimage to his homeland. June 11 - John Paul II visited Szczecin (Cathedral Basilica of St. James the Apostle Minor and Jasne Błonia Square named after John Paul II) and Gdynia (Kościuszko Square). June 11-12 - John Paul II came to Gdańsk. He met young people in Westerplatte, in St. Mary's Basilica with the sick, invalids, doctors and nurses, then he laid flowers at the Monument to the Fallen Shipyard Workers. The highlight of the visit to Gdańsk was the mass in Zaspa for about a million people. June 13 - John Paul II was in Łódź. June 16 - a whirlwind passed through Białystok and its vicinity, causing damage to 106 buildings and injuring several people. June 20 - the first issue of the independent monthly "Res Publica" was released; resumption of the underground title from 1979-1981. 28 june