21st June


August 13, 2022

June 21 is the 172nd (in leap years 173) day on the Gregorian calendar. There are 193 days left until the end of the year.


Name days are celebrated by: Alicja, Alojza, Alojzy, Chloe, Demetria, Domamir, Eusebiusz, Lutfryd, Marcia, Raymond, Rudolf, Rudolf, Rudolfina, Terentia and Terentius. Kupała Night, called colloquially at midsummer night, a holiday celebrated on the night of June 21-22 (related to the summer solstice) World - The longest day of the year (beginning of astronomical summer), the summer solstice falls on June 20 or 21 Canada - National Indigenous Day (since 1996) International: World Skateboarding Day, since 2006 Music Festival (from 1981 on the initiative of Marcel Landowski, a French composer of Polish origin, from 1995 the International Music Festival, in Poland from 2000) International Yoga Day (since 2015) Poland - Entrepreneur's Day Togo - Martyrs' Day Turkmenistan - Election of the First President Memories and holidays in the Catholic Church are celebrated by: st. Alexia (Alice) st. Alojzy Gonzaga (Jesuit) st. Roman Demetria (martyr) st. Eusebius of Samosata (bishop and martyr) st. Jan Rigby (martyr) st. Tertius of Iconium (bishop)

Events in Poland

1243 - Duke Barnim I granted city rights to Stargard. 1305 - Wenceslaus III of Bohemia became the king of Poland. 1410 - The Great War with the Teutonic Order: the King of Hungary, Sigismund of Luxembourg, declared war on Poland, fulfilling his alliance obligations towards the Teutonic Knights. 1503 - Aleksander Jagiellończyk granted Wołkowysk the Magdeburg Law. 1621 - St. Józef in Poznań. 1749 - As a result of the explosion of thousands of gunpowder barrels in the tower located at today's ul. Paweł Włodkowic in Wrocław, about 60 people died. 1768 - Koliyivshchyna: rebellious Cossacks and Ruthenian peasants captured Uman, where they slaughtered about 20,000. Poles and Jews. 1791 - The Polish-Lithuanian Police Commission was established. 1855 - The first ship is launched at the Schichau-Werke shipyard in Elbląg. 1863 - January Uprising: The Executive Department of the National Government was established for Volhynia, Podolia and Ukraine. 1912 - Mariusz Bojemski, the director of Huta Częstochowa, died in an attempt by members of the anarchist Group of Revolutionaries Avengers. 1932 - A peasant revolt known as the Lesko Uprising broke out. 1940 - On June 20 and 21, the largest and loudest of all executions in Palmiry took place. In three transports, 358 prisoners from Pawiak were sent to death, including many representatives of the Polish political, intellectual, sports and cultural elite. 1943 - Units of the Gestapo, gendarmerie and German police pacified the village of Lubenia near Rzeszów, murdering 4 inhabitants and a married couple living without registration from Warsaw. 1944 - At the village of Woroniec near Biała Podlaska, an American B-17 bomber, a German fighter, whose 10-person crew saved themselves by jumping out with parachutes, was shot down (flying to Połtawa after the bombing of targets in Germany). 1949 - Socialist realism in architecture was proclaimed at the Conference of Party Architects. 1950: Nationwide Mass Arrests of Jehovah's Witnesses. The State Archive was established in Malbork. 1971 - The Oceanographic Museum and the Sea Aquarium are opened in Gdynia. 1992 - Amica Wronki football club was established. 1996 - A demonstration by shipyard workers against the plans to liquidate the Gdańsk Shipyard took place in Warsaw. 1997 - The first Polish concert of Jean-Michel Jarre, a French creator of electronic music, took place in Katowice's Spodek. 1999 - The 1st Eagles award ceremony was held. 2014 - There was a construction disaster during the demolition of Herman Sieraczek's tenement house in Warsaw's Wola district.

World events

217 BC - Second Punic War: at the Battle of Lake T.