22th June


July 5, 2022

June 22 is the 173th (174th in leap years) day in the Gregorian calendar. 192 days remain until the end of the year.


Name days are celebrated by: Achacjusz, Achacy, Agenor, Alban, Albana, Jestciech, Eberhard, Flavius, Innocent, John, Pauline and Thomas. Kupała Night colloquially at midsummer night, celebrated on the night of June 21-22 (related to the summer solstice of the Sun) Croatia - Day of the Anti-Fascist Resistance Movement Congo - Army Day International - Church Day El Salvador - Teacher's Day Memories and holidays in the Catholic Church are celebrated by: st. Alban (martyr) bl. Innocent V (Dominican, Pope) st. Jan Fisher (bishop) and St. Tomasz More (Chancellor of the State), martyrs st. John of Naples (Bishop) st. Nicetas of Remesiana, bishop (also January 7) st. Pauline of Nola (bishop)

Events in Poland

1346 - King Casimir III the Great granted city rights to Nowy Targ. 1596 - The Library of the Gdańsk City Council was opened (now the Gdańsk Library of the Polish Academy of Sciences). 1768 - Confederation of Bar: a Krakow burgher, Marcin Oracewicz, killed the officer commanding the Moscow assault, using a button instead of a bullet. 1789 - The Four Years' Seym adopts the first statistical census in Poland. 1792 - King Stanisław August Poniatowski established the Order of Virtuti Militari. 1812 - In Wyłkowyszki, Napoleon Bonaparte announced the beginning of the Second Polish War in a daily order to the army, which meant a war with Russia. 1897 - The New Synagogue was opened in Opole. 1902 - The Orthodox Church Hospital in Warsaw was opened. 1905 - The Lodz Uprising broke out. 1912 - Włodzimierz Lenin came to Krakow from Paris. 1921: Third Silesian Uprising: several wagons of dynamite exploded at the railway station in Rybnik. The League of Nations Council granted Polish warships the right to stay in the port of Gdańsk and allowed Poland to establish a military transit depot on Westerplatte. 1933 - Riots in Grodzisk Dolny. 1937: The Young Poland Association was established. The so-called the Wawel conflict, triggered by the decision of the Archbishop of Krakow, Adam Stefan Sapieha, to move, against the will of the state authorities, the coffin with the body of Marshal Józef Piłsudski from the crypt of St. Leonard to the crypt under the Silver Bell Tower. 1938 - Walery Sławek became the Marshal of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland, replacing the deceased Stanisław Tsar. 1941 - In the arrest in Augustów, soldiers of the border protection forces of the NKVD murdered about 30–34 prisoners. 1942 - About 650 Jews were shot by the Gestapo and officers of the Ukrainian Auxiliary Police in Lutowiska in the Bieszczady Mountains. 1944 - In the village of Jaminy near Augustów, the Germans shot 24 residents in retaliation for killing a German gendarme. 1948 - The Moscow Patriarchate recognized the canonicity of the Polish Autocephalous Orthodox Church. 1960 - The Czerwono-Czarni music group was established. 1965 - The "Cracovia" hotel is opened in Krakow. 1990 - The Polish Ju-Jitsu Federation was established. 2002 - The last edition of the nature program With a Camera Among Animals was broadcast on TVP1. 2003 - There was a football match Szczakowianka Jaworzno-Świt Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, after which the so-called play-off scandal. 2013 - The first Polish concert by Paul McCartney took place at the National Stadium in Warsaw.

World events

217 BC - Egyptian troops defeated the Seleucids at the Battle of Raffia. 168 BC - In the battle of Pydna, Roman troops led by Lucius Emilius Paulus of Macedon destroyed the Macedonian army of Perseus Antigonid within an hour. 363 - Campaign of Julian II the Apostate against Persia: strategic victory of the Roman troops at the Battle of Maranga. 431 - The Council of Ephesus has begun. 813 - The Byzantine army was defeated in the Battle of Wersyniką with the Bulgarians. 816 - Stephen IV became pope. 1132 - Battles fought