Agnes Tirop Chebet


October 17, 2021

Agnes Tirop Chebet (born October 23, 1995 in Uasin Gishu, died October 13, 2021 in Iten) - former Kenyan long-distance athlete, two-time bronze medalist in the 10,000-meter world championship.

Professional career

Her first major success was taking 2nd place in the junior 6 km race at the African cross-country championship in 2012. Two-time bronze medalist in the 5000 m race at the junior world championships (2012 and 2014). Gold and silver medalist of the world championship in cross-country running in the junior competition (2013). Double gold medalist of the African Cross Country Championship (2014). Gold and silver medalist of the 2015 world cross-country championships. In 2017, she became the bronze medalist of the world championships in London in the 10,000 meters run. In 2019, during the World Cup in Doha, she again stood on the bottom step of the podium.


On October 13, 2021, she was found dead in her home in Iten with multiple stab wounds to her neck and abdomen, and the prime suspect in the murder is her husband, Emmanuel Ibrahim Kipleting.


Life records

3000 meter run - 8:27.51 (2019) 5000 meters run - 14: 20.68 (2019) 7th place in the history of world athletics 10,000 meter run - 30: 25.20 (2019)



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