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January 19, 2022

Anatoly Nikolaevich Alabjew (Russian Анато́лий Никола́евич Аля́бьев, born December 12, 1951 in Daniłów, died January 11, 2022 in St. Petersburg) - Soviet and Russian biathlete, trainer and lecturer, representative of the Soviet Union and world Olympic champion.

Curriculum vitae

He made his debut in the World Cup in the 1977/1978 season. He scored his first points on March 25, 1978 in Murmansk, taking second place in the individual race. In these competitions, he split two countrymen on the podium: Nikolai Kruglov and Vladimir Artiemiev. In the following starts, he was on the podium six more times, with three victories: on March 30, 1979 in Sodankylä and on February 16, 1980 in Lake Placid, he was the best in the individual race, and on January 24, 1981 in Anterselva he triumphed in the sprint. He achieved the best results in the 1980/1981 season, when he took second place in the general classification. Only Frank Ullrich from the GDR was ahead of him. At the 1980 Olympics in Lake Placid, he won three medals. First, he won the gold medal in the individual race, ahead of Frank Ullrich and his compatriot Eberhard Rösch. He then finished third in the sprint, losing only to Ullrich and Vladimir Alikin from the USSR. In addition, together with Alikin, Vladimir Barnaszow and Aleksander Tikhonov, he also won the relay race. At the World Championships held in Lahti a year later, he was sixth in the individual race, seventh in the sprint, and in the relay race he won a bronze medal. He also took part in the world championship in Minsk, where the USSR team consisting of: Vladimir Alikin, Vladimir Barnaszow, Viktor Semyonov and Anatoly Alabjew won the bronze medal. He was also tenth in the sprint at the same event. After ending his active career, he became a coach, leading, inter alia, the Russian national team in 1990–1998. In 1981 he graduated from the Military Institute of Physical Culture in Leningrad. From 1998 he was a lecturer. He was awarded, inter alia, The Order of the Red Banner of Labor.


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