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May 28, 2022

Asfalt Records - a Polish record label specializing in hip-hop recordings. It was established in 1998 in Warsaw on the initiative of Marcin Grabski. The first album released by the label was the debut of OMP Wilanów ... see the difference, which was released on the market on December 16, 1998. Then RHX and Płomień 81 joined the label. In June 1999, Grabski released the single Otzafszetu / Oempe on a vinyl record - probably the first Polish hip hop album released in this form. In February 2001, the owner of the label founded the sub-label Teeto Records. Albums related to hip-hop genres are to be released under this name. In July 1998, the label signed a 3-year distribution contract with Sony Music Entertainment Poland. The album HollyŁódź of the rapper O.S.T.R. received the gold status in April 2007. It is the first gold record in the history of the label. Later, this achievement was repeated also by other albums of the music I am cleaning up here and O.c.b .. The album O.S.T.R. Fri For Adults Only, she was the first to receive platinum status by the label. In addition, Asfalt Records has released recordings of, among others, such artists as: Killing Skills, Flirtini, Zorak 3000, Sztigar Bonko, Rasmentalism, DJ Haem, Noon, The Returners, POE, Envee, Afront, Bassisters Orchestra, Emade, Tworzywa Sztuczne, Tabasko, Łona, Onar, Taco Hemingway, Inespe, Fisz, O $ ka, Medium, Otsochodzi, Schafter, O.S.T.R., Adi Nowak, Tede, Sir Mich. Since 2017, Asfalt Records has been running its own distribution under the name Asfalt Distro. Thus, it ended its long-term cooperation with Warner Music Poland. The first album that was released on its own distribution was the album O.S.T.R. - MTV Unplugged: Life After Death - Authentic. Asfalt Distro has released albums from such publishers as incl., Nowe Nagrania, U Know Me Records or Wielkie Joł.

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