Bajram Begaj


August 13, 2022

Bajram Begaj (born March 20, 1967 in Rrogozhinë) - Albanian military and politician, major general, in 2020–2022 chief of general staff of the Albanian armed forces, president of Albania from 2022.

Curriculum vitae

In 1989 he graduated from medical studies at the University of Tirana. He received a doctorate in the field of medical sciences. A professional military man, he headed a military medical unit during his career, he was also the director of a military hospital and the director of the health inspectorate. Later he served as the training commander in the armed forces. In 2020 promoted to the rank of major general. In the same year, he was appointed chief of the general staff of the Albanian armed forces. In June 2022, the ruling Socialist Party of Albania put forward his candidacy for the office of President of Albania in the fourth round of voting (no candidates were proposed in the three previous ones requiring a qualified majority to be elected). On June 4 of the same year, the Assembly of Albania elected him to this position, supported by a vote of 78 deputies. He took office on July 24, 2022.

Private life

Married to Armanda Begaj, has two children.