National Library (Warsaw)


August 13, 2022

The National Library (BN) - the Polish national library in Warsaw, located at Aleja Niepodległości 213 in Pole Mokotowskie, in the Ochota district. One of the oldest cultural institutions in Poland, operating in the years 1747–1795 as the Załuski Library, reactivated in 1928. It collects books, periodicals, electronic and audiovisual publications published in Poland and foreign Polish literature. It is the most important scientific library with a humanistic profile, the main archive of national literature and the national center for bibliographic information about books, a research institution, as well as an important methodological center for libraries in Poland. It also conducts publishing activities - publishes books and awarded scientific journals: "Polish Libraries", "Rocznik Biblioteki Narodowej" and "Notes Conservatorski". The National Library has the right to receive a compulsory copy of two copies of a given title as one of the two libraries in the country next to the Jagiellonian Library in Krakow.

Organizational divisions and headquarters

Structure The structure of the National Library: Director Deputies and Agents Secretariat Institutes: Bibliographic Institute The Book and Reading Institute Institute of Conservation of Library Collections 4 offices (Finance and Accounting, Communication and Promotion, Planning and Public Procurement, Employee Affairs) 22 departments, including some divided into laboratories (Administrative and Economic, Polish Bibliography 1901-1939, Journals, Social Life Documents, Library Education, Collection and Supplementation of Collections, Investments and Repairs, Field Cataloging, Collection Control, Library Stores, Manuscripts, Old Prints, Information Technologies, Providing Collections, Domestic and Foreign Lending, Exchangeable Resources, Bibliological Collections, Digital Collections, Sound and Audiovisual Collections, Iconographic Collections, Cartographic Collections, Music Collections) Independent positions Task teams Other organizational units (Archives, Chancellery, Security Service) Seats The main seat of the National Library is located in Warsaw at al. Niepodległości 213 in Pole Mokotowskie. Until 2019, the Kasiński Palace at 3/5 Krasińskich Square housed the Department of Old Prints and the Manuscript Department (they were moved to the main building), and currently works related to the project "Modernization and interior design of the Krasiński Palace (Palace of the Commonwealth) at Krasiński Square) 3/5 in Warsaw ". The aim of the project is, inter alia, creating an interactive exhibition space in which the most valuable collections of the National Library will be made available.


The history of the National Library dates back to the 18th century. On August 8, 1747, the Załuski Library was opened in the Daniłowiczowski Palace in Warsaw. It was founded by brothers Józef and Andrzej Załuscy. The contemporary National Library links its traditions with the Załuski Library. After Józef Załuski's death, the library was taken over by the state and renamed the Załuski Library. Pursuant to a parliamentary resolution, since 1780 this library had the right to receive a compulsory copy of every book printed in the then Polish state. As a result of the tsarist repressions after the fall of the Kościuszko Uprising, the collections of the Załuski Library were stolen and taken to St. Petersburg, where they were incorporated into the Tsar's Library (394,000 volumes, including: 11,000 manuscripts and 24,500 engravings). During the partitions, Polish literature was stored in private collections in Poland and in emigration (public libraries were also established). The National Library was established by the ordinance of the President of the Republic of Poland by law of February 24, 1928 (entered into force on March 1). The first director was Fr.