August 13, 2022

Bidet - a sanitary ware device for shampooing. The bidet allows you to clean the perineum and anus area without having to strip naked, in a comfortable, sitting position. It is part of the bathroom equipment. In appearance and size, it resembles a toilet bowl on the one hand and a washbasin above the floor on the other. It can be floor standing or wall hanging. The method of connecting to the water and sewage system is the same as connecting the washbasin (it is also equipped with an overflow protecting the room against flooding). A faucet mounted on a bidet is usually equipped with a drain slightly turned upwards or with a movable tip that allows you to adjust the direction of water flow. The faucet can also be equipped with a flexible cord pulled out of the spout. In Poland, there are electronic bidets mounted directly on the toilet bowl. A solution commonly used, for example, in Japan, Korea and other Far East countries, where it is known as washlet. It is a device in which the nozzle extends from the main panel, washing the private parts of the body with water. Electronic bidets have functions of oscillating washing, massage and drying, a washing program for women, a family program, and a function to assist in the event of obstruction.

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