Bob Lanier


May 28, 2022

Bob Lanier, born. Robert Jerry Lanier Jr. (born September 10, 1948 in Buffalo, died May 10, 2022) - American basketball player playing in the middle position. The 211 cm tall basketball player for the NBA was voted number 1 in the 1970 draft by the Detroit Pistons and spent almost a decade (1970-1980) at the club. He was also a player of the Milwaukee Bucks (1980–1984). In the first season of the game, he was selected to be among the top five newcomers of the season. He was one of the best centers of the 1970s, he ended his career with 19,248 points and 9,698 rebounds. Eight times he took part in the NBA all-star match (MVP in 1974). The jersey bearing his number (16) was registered by both the Pistons and Bucks.



Competition participant: NCAA Final Four (1970) Sweet 16 NCAA tournament (1968, 1970) Included in: And the All-American Squad (1970) 2nd All-American Squad (1968) Academic Gallery of Basketball Fame (2006)


Star Match MVP: NBA (1974) NBA vs ABA (1972) Participant of the star match: NBA vs ABA (1972) NBA (1972-1975, 1977-1979, 1982) Selected for: 1st squad of NBA debutants (1971) Koszykarska Hall of Fame for them. James Naismith (Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall Of Fame - 1992) J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award winner (1978) The Detroit Pistons and the Milwaukee Bucks have reserved his property at number 16 Play-off leader in: Middle Blocks (1975) the effectiveness of throws (1977)


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