Bob Saget


January 23, 2022

Bob Saget, born Robert Lane Saget (born May 17, 1956 in Philadelphia, died January 9, 2022 in Orlando) - American stand-up comedian, actor, filmmaker and TV presenter. He plays the role of Danny Tanner in the ABC sitcom Full House (1987–1995) and the sequel to Netflix Full House (2016–2020). He was the narrator on the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother (2005–2014). His 2014 album That's What I'm Talkin 'About was nominated for a Grammy for Best Comedy Album.

Curriculum vitae

Early years

He was born into a Jewish family, the son of Rosalyn "Dolly", a hospital administrator, and Benjamin Morton Saget, a supermarket manager. He had two sisters - Andrea and Gay. He was raised partially in Norfolk, Virginia, where he briefly attended Lake Taylor High. He graduated from Abington Senior High School in Abington, Pennsylvania. Initially, he intended to become a doctor before his English teacher saw his creative potential and persuaded him to pursue a career in films. He studied at the film school at Temple University.


In 1978 he won the Student Film Academy Award for directing the short documentary Oczami Adam (Through Adam's Eyes, 1977), made at Temple University on the basis of his own script. In 1986, he made his debut at the Fig Tree Theater in Hollywood as Douglas in the production of Audiencja, which he also produced. His recognition among viewers came from Danny Tanner, a widower raising three daughters alone in the ABC sitcom Full House (1987–1995) and the Netflix sequel Full House (2016–2020). From 1989 to 1997, he was the first host of America's Funniest Home Videos. He was cast as Matt Stewart in the sitcom The WB How to Raise a Dad (2001–2002) and as Steve Patterson in the ABC sitcom Życie in the suburbs (2009). He appeared on Broadway as the man in a chair in the musical comedy The Drowsy Chaperone (2007) and as Pastor Greg in the comedy That Was God's Hand (2015). He played the role of Ted in the off-Broadway play Privilege (2005).

Private life

On May 16, 1982, he married Sherri Kramer, with whom he had three daughters - Aubrey (born 1987), Lary Melanie (born 1989) and Jennifer Belle (born 1992). On November 10, 1997, there was a divorce. In 2010–2011 he was associated with Hope Dworaczyk. On October 30, 2018, he married journalist Kelly Rizzo. He died on January 9, 2022 at a hotel in Orlando, Florida, during a stand-up tour that began September 2021.


Directed by

1996: For Hope 1998: Dirty Work 2000: Becoming Dick 2006: The Penguin Farce 2018: Benjamin

Movie roles

1994: Father and Scout as Spencer Paley (starring role) 1998: Newbies as Cocaine Addict 2000: Becoming Dick as Bob 2003: Dumb and Dumber 2: When Harry Met Lloyd as Jessica's Father 2004: New York, a new love as himself 2005: The Aristocrats as Himself 2005: Madagascar as a Zoo Animal (voice) 2006: Kacper: Fright School as Dash (voice) 2006: Penguin Farce as Carl (voice) 2016: A Stand Up Guy as Mel 2022: Killing Daniel as Lawrence

Main cast in series

1987–1995: Full House as Danny Turner (192 episodes) 2001–2002: How to Raise a Dad as Matt Stewart (22 episodes) 2005–2014: How I Met Your Mother as a narrator (206 episodes) 2009: Life in the Suburbs as Steve Patterson (13 episodes)

Guest appearances in series

1981: Bosom Buddies as Bob the Comic 1983: America's Greatest Hero as Mack MacKay 1992: Lost in Time as Mack MacKay 2000: Norman in trouble as Mr. Atkinson 2004: Joey as himself 2004: Huff as Butch 2005: Listen Up! as Mitch 2005-2010: The Team As Himself (4 episodes) 2008–2012: The Life & Times of Tim

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