May 28, 2022

Bonifacy - male name of Latin origin. It comes from Latin. bonum "to do" and facere to "do", that is, it means doing good. Old Polish form of the name: Bończa. Female Equivalent: Bonifation.

Bonifacy celebrates name day

February 19, May 14, June 5, June 19, July 12, August 17, August 28, September 4 (formerly October 25) and December 6. Equivalents in other languages ​​ Latin - Bonifacius English - Boniface white Баніфацый (Banìfacyj) Esperanto - Bonifaco Dutch - Bonifatius German - Bonifatius, Bonifaz Russian Вонифа́тий

Famous People With the Name Bonifacy


Boniface of Tarsus († 290), martyr. Bonifacy-Winfrid († 754), also called the apostle of Germania.


Boniface I. Boniface II Boniface III Boniface IV Boniface V Boniface VI Boniface VIII Boniface IX, and Boniface VII, antipope


Boniface of Montferrat (died 1207), Margrave of Montferrat, commander of the Fourth Crusade, King of Thessalonica. Bonifacy Bałdyk, the mayor of Żory. Bonifacy Jagmin, participant in the November Uprising. Bonifacy Jedynak, Brigadier General of the MO. Bonifacy Łangowski, a Polish community activist. Bonifacy Witkowski, architect. Władysław Michał Bonifacy Zaleski - Polish Catholic priest, Archbishop of Thebes, diplomat in the service of the Holy See and Patriarch of Antioch. José Bonifácio de Andrada (1763–1838) - Brazilian scholar, politician and writer who played a key role in Brazil's independence in 1822; called by the Brazilians the "Patriarch of Independence".

Fictional characters

Bonifacy the cat (the protagonist of the animated series The Adventures of the Cat Philemon).