The British


January 23, 2022

British - currently mainly all citizens, or possibly British citizens. According to the census of 2001, this group included 58 789 194 people, of which in England were inhabited by 49 138 831 people (83.6%), in Scotland - 5 062 011 people (8.6%), in Wales - 2 903 085 people (4.9%), and in Northern Ireland - 1 685 267 people (2.9%). The term "Britishness" as a definition of a common all-British national bond remains highly controversial due to the existence of particular national groups: English, Scots, Welsh and Irish. In a 2001 study by the Office for National Statistics in which respondents could indicate their nationality as 'English', 'Scottish', 'Welsh', 'Irish', 'British' or 'Other', 49 % indicated themselves as exclusively English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish, 31% as exclusively British, 15% as both British and a member of the aforementioned national groups, the rest chose the 'Other' option or other combinations. Taking the United Kingdom into three main countries, 48% of England, 35% of Wales and 27% of Scotland considered themselves British. In a survey conducted by the National Center for Social Research, 87% of the 3,000 respondents considered language to be the primary criterion for Britishness, followed by citizenship (83%) and recognition of existing institutions and rights (82%). As indicated in the analysis, these results show that Britishness is understood as something that can be learned, and not as a characteristic of being born into a particular group. After the London attacks on July 7, 2005, the policy of the United Kingdom government began to pay more attention than before to promoting the idea of ​​Britishness. Gordon Brown, the then chancellor of the Treasury and later Tony Blair's successor as prime minister, was particularly committed in this regard. In January 2006, he made a proposal to establish British Day as a national holiday promoting British identity, seeing the flag of the United Kingdom (Union Jack) as an important symbol of this identity, similar to the American one.


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