Building of the 3rd High School in Katowice


October 17, 2021

Building of the 3rd High School for them. Adama Mickiewicza in Katowice - a historic school building, located at 11 Adama Mickiewicza Street in Katowice-Śródmieście, built in the years 1898–1900 in the neo-Gothic style. This building is the seat of the Secondary School No. 3, as well as, inter alia, Association of Graduates and Supporters of the 3rd Secondary School of General Education A. Mickiewicz and sports clubs: the School Sports Club Mickiewicz and the Basketball Sports Club Mickiewicz. Josef Perzik or Max Grünfeld are responsible for the design of the building.


The building of the current General Secondary School No. 3 Adam Mickiewicza was established in the years 1898–1900 at the corner of modern streets: A. Mickiewicza and J. Słowackiego for the Municipal Gymnasium (German: Städtisches Gymnasium), established on October 9, 1871 on the basis of a German secondary school. Richard Holtze was the initiator of the establishment of the gymnasium, and it was attended by students of various denominations. The construction of the new seat of the gymnasium was caused by a continuous increase in the number of students who first studied in the building at today's 4 Młyńska Street (the non-existent building in the place of which the Katowice City Hall was built), and then in the building at the corner of today's J. Słowackiego and 3 Streets Maja (the present building of the Maria Skłodowska-Curie High School No. 8). The decision to build a new building for the municipal gymnasium was made on April 8, 1896, and a year later the authorities approved the construction. Construction work on the new building began in 1898. Then there were problems with the wet ground - hence several hundred piles were driven into the ground, on which the foundations of the school were built. On October 9, 1900, a ceremonial march to the new building was organized, and a girls' school was organized in the existing building at the present 3 Maja Street. Before World War I, the school's address was Uferstrasse 13, and then August Schneider Strasse 13. At that time, it had 16 general rooms, a lecture hall and a lecture hall. In the years 1911–1914, a wing was added to the building from the side of J. Słowackiego Street, connecting the main building with the gymnasium. Until the outbreak of World War I, the City Gymnasium was the only secondary school in Katowice. After the Silesian Uprisings and the annexation of Katowice to Poland, on July 26, 1922, the State Men's Reformed Classical Gymnasium was established in the building, operating from the school year 1933/1934 as the State Gymnasium and Secondary School in Katowice. In the report of the Directorate of the State Junior High School in Katowice for the period 1927/1928 it was stated that the building was then owned by the state treasury. At that time, it had 18 classrooms, the director's office, a teacher's hall, biological, physical-chemical and geographical-historical offices, a library, a hall, a gymnasium and other rooms. The building was then equipped with central heating, mechanical ventilation, lighting and water and sewage connections. In the years 1930–1931, new toilets and showers were arranged in the basement, and in the years 1931–1933 the roof and partly central heating boilers were repaired, and the school yard was modernized. a tennis court has opened. Until 1936, other investments were also carried out in the school, including the opening of a new stage and renovation of the fence and the auditorium. After the German occupation, the school was reactivated on February 17, 1945 and in the 1948/1949 school year it was transformed into a Primary School and Secondary School No. 3 in Katowice. On May 13, 1959, the school was named after Adam Mickiewicz. In 1967, the primary school and the secondary school were separated, and the secondary school was renamed the III Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. A. Mickiewicz. In 1971, from the side of Fr. P. Skarga, a building was added to house PE teachers' offices. A year later, in November 1971, a memorial plaque was unveiled in the hall

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