Dragan Tomić


July 5, 2022

Dragan Tomić, circus Драган Томић (born December 9, 1935 in Gornja Bukovica, died June 21, 2022) - Serbian politician and engineer, in 1994–2001 chairman of the National Assembly, from July to December 1997 acting president of Serbia.

Curriculum vitae

An engineer by education, a graduate of the Technology and Metallurgy Faculty of the University of Belgrade. In 1962, he started working at the Rekord tire factory, where he was promoted to the position of general manager. He belonged to the League of Communists of Yugoslavia. He was active in the Rakovica district government, was a member of the SSRNJ, a mass communist workers' organization, and headed the Yugoslav union of engineers and technicians. He was the general director of Jugopetrol and the chairman of the board of directors of the TV station Politika. He joined the Socialist Party of Serbia. He also remained an active politician in the 1990s. He sat in the Serbian National Assembly, where he headed the SPS faction. In February 1994, he assumed the function of the speaker of parliament, which he held until January 2001. From July to December 1997, he temporarily performed the duties of the president of Serbia.