Dritan Abazovic


May 28, 2022

Dritan Abazović, cir. Дритан Абазовић (born December 25, 1985 in Ulcinj) - Montenegrin politician and political scientist of Albanian nationality, member of the Montenegrin Assembly, leader of the United Reform Action (URA) party, deputy prime minister in 2020-2022, and Prime Minister of Montenegro from 2022.

Curriculum vitae

He graduated from elementary and high school in his hometown, and then studied at the political science department of the University of Sarajevo. He obtained his MA in international relations in 2008 at the University of Montenegro. He received his doctorate in 2019 at the home faculty of the University of Sarajevo. He also studied at universities, incl. in Norway and Austria. He worked as a teacher in a secondary school in Ulcinj. He was the executive director of the NGO Mogul, an activist of the Novi Horizonti organization, deputy director and then director of the local TV station Teuta. Author of the book Cosmopolitan culture and global pravda, as well as scientific articles devoted, among others, to globalization and ethics. In 2012, he was one of the founders of the Positive Montenegro party. On her behalf, in the same year, for the first time he was elected a member of the Montenegrin parliament. During his term of office, he left this formation, and in 2015 he joined the United Reform Action. Re-elected deputy in the 2016 and 2020 elections. In 2017, he headed the URA and became the leader of the political coalition "Crno na bijelo". In December 2020, he took the office of deputy prime minister in the government of Zdravek Krivokapić. In February 2022, his party, along with the opposition (including Milo Đukanovic's socialists), voted a vote of no confidence in the cabinet. The following month, the president appointed him prime minister with the mission of forming a new government. Support for his government was declared by the opposition presidential Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro, the party of Social Democrats and national minorities, and the SNP. On April 28, 2022, parliament approved his minority government, which took office on the same day.