January 23, 2022

Nozzle - a device for controlling the direction or characteristics of the outflow of a fluid (gas or liquid). The nozzle is most often a tube with a variable cross-section, not necessarily circular. The characteristics of the discharge of the fluid are velocity, concentration, or shape. Often the purpose of the nozzles is to achieve maximum discharge velocity in order to obtain maximum recoil (e.g. in jet engines) or maximum jet throw (e.g. in fire hoses, water cannons). An example of directional control is a vectorized sequence in airplanes. Sometimes it is about obtaining the maximum concentration of the stream, for example in waterjet devices, or on the contrary - maximum dispersion, for example in sprayers of varnishes in hairdressing salons and car paint shops. Shape control allows you to get, among other things, water and air curtains.

Common Uses

nozzles (in garden and fire hoses, fire extinguishers, fountains) aerosol sprays carburetors and injectors in internal combustion engines jet engines (including rocket engines) water-jet propellers burners (in welding machines, ovens) micro nozzles in inkjet printers waterjet devices (for cutting, drilling or cleaning) water and air curtains

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