Eve Torres


October 17, 2021

Eve Torres (born August 21, 1984 in Denver) - American dancer and professional model. She is known as a WWE diva, where she was the holder of the Divas Championship title three times. Eve began her career as a dancer and model. She danced in The Southern California Summer Pro League. In 2006-2007 she danced in the Los Angeles Clippers ensemble. She has also appeared on some TV shows. In 2007, she won the 2007 Diva Search and signed to WWE. She made her debut in 2008. She has appeared at various competitions such as dance and bikini competitions. In 2009, she began her professional wrestling career with feuds with Michelle McCool, Layla and Natalia. Later, she became the manager of the Cryme Tyme tag team. In late 2009, she transferred to Raw and became Chris Masters' manager. On April 12, 2010, she won her first title of Div. She became the first Diva to win a Diva Search and later won the league title. She lost the title in June of the same year. Eve won the Divas Championship for the second time at the 2011 Royal Rumble. She was the champion for 71 days and lost the title on April 11, 2011. In April 2012, she became deputy to John Laurinaitis, who was general manager of Raw and Smackdown. After Laurinaitis lost power, in August 2012, she became assistant general manager of Smackdown Booker T, defeating Kaitlyn in a duel for that title. In the same year, at the Night of Champions gala, she was the only Diva to win the Divas Championship for the third time in her career. For the 20th anniversary of Monday Night Raw on January 14, 2013, she lost the championship to Kaitlyn. She left World Wrestling Entertainment on the same day.

Curriculum vitae

2007 WWE Diva Search

In May 2007, Eve joined Diva Search. She was selected by WWE officials as one of the 18 finalists. On October 29, 2007, she was announced the winner on Raw. After defeating the Diva Search finalist, Brooke Gilbertsen became the official WWE Diva. Following the victory, she started training in Florida Championship Wrestling - the official WWE development team.

SmackDown (2008–2009)

On January 11, 2008, the first video promoting her character appeared on Smackdown. Three weeks later, on February 1, 2008, she made her debut interviewing former heavyweight champion Batista. Initially, she participated in Div competitions to select the best Diva Smackdown. She competed in the obstacle course, bikini competition and arm wrestling, after which she was eliminated. Eve appeared at Wrestlemania XXIV as Lumberjill in the BunnyMania duel between Maria and Ashley against Beth Phoenix and Melina. Until the end of the year, Eve took part in various dance and bikini competitions. On November 3, 2008, in the 800th episode of Raw, she made her debut in the ring in a sixteen-man Div, where her team lost and she didn't even fight. Her first storyline began in early 2009 with Michelle McCool attacking her. On February 6 at Smackdown, Eve made her debut in a one-on-one duel with Michelle. She lost this duel by submission. Over the next few months, she continued the feud by taking part in 1v1 fights and tag team duels. In mid-2009, Torres began a feud with Layla. After the dance competition and the arm wrestling of the two, Eve defeated Layla on May 29 at Smackdown in a 1 vs 1 fight. On June 18 at Superstars, Eve defeated Layla again. After the duel, they both shook hands. After feuding with Layla, Eve joined Cryme Tyme (Shad and JTG) and performed with them in several backstage segments. She later accompanied Cryme Tyme on the storyline with The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith, Tyson Kidd, and Natalya). Together with Cryme Tyme, she took part in six-person mixed tag team duels against The Hart Dynasty. Eve fought

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