Flagey (mini album)


May 28, 2022

Flagey - the sixth mini-album of Polish rapper Taco Hemingway, released on July 13, 2018 by Taco Corp and Asfalt Records. Initially, it was distributed only on CD as an addition to the Café Belga album. On July 20, 2018, it was released as an independent publisher in the digital download format and streaming services.

Genesis, recording and release

Hemingway's previous solo recording, the mini-album Szprycer from July 2017, received negative reviews. Despite this, the EP debuted at the first place on the OLiS sales list, and the rapper was awarded a platinum album for sales of 30,000 copies in Poland and a Fryderyk in the Album of the Year - Hip-Hop category. In April 2018, Hemingway and rapper Quebonafide, operating as part of the Taconafide supergroup, released the joint album Soma 0.5 mg and went on the Ekodiesel Tour, including the largest halls in Poland. In the booklet attached to the album, Taco announced the release of two solo projects in the same year. In January 2018, Hemingway began recording his second studio album, which took place at Studio Nagrywarka in Warsaw. Work on the publishing house was completed in June. Along with material for the album Café Belga, the rapper recorded five songs for the mini-album Flagey. Its title refers to Place Eugène Flagey in Brussels, next to which is Café Belga. The material was produced by Hemingway's longtime collaborators, Rumak and Borucci, as well as Zeppy Zep. In the song "Pokédex" guest rapper Otsochodzi. The visuals for the physical release were prepared by Łukasz Partyka, Sonia Szóstak and Piotr Dudek. On July 13, 2018, the premiere of the album Café Belga took place. Flagey was included as a bonus on the physical release (on CD) and was only distributed that way for the first seven days. It was only on July 20, i.e. a week after its premiere, that the mini-album was released in digital download format and made available on streaming services and on the Hemingway channel on YouTube.

Analysis and Interpretation

According to Ania Nicz from Spider's Web, Flagey was recorded in the same style as the album Café Belga, released on the same day. Agata Nowak from the Kulturalne Media website drew attention to the darker atmosphere than on Café Belga, while Dawid Bartkowski from the CGM portal wrote that - unlike Café Belga - Flagey is "lackluster and loose", and the material, despite the small number of songs, is characterized by differentiation. In his lyrics, Hemingway addresses topics such as alienation, depression and aversion to society, especially criticizing aspects of popularity. In addition, the rapper uses numerous pop culture references.


Dawid Bartkowski from the CGM portal wrote that Flagey "despite the lack of great ideas and extremely good numbers, is a nice complement to the album", and "perfect lines (...) mix again with the festival of mediocrity." The critic praised the song "Anja", the guest appearance of rapper Otsochodzi and the musical diversity. Krzysztof Tragarz from Noizz.pl wrote that "Flagey can really be listened to" and "it is better than on the [Café Belga] album". Kamil Ziółkowski from Hip-hop.pl wrote: “Flagey EP is strong. In terms of sound, a bit like rejects from the Contract for a specific work (...). In this case, it's a compliment. " Agata Nowak from Kulturalne Media wrote that “The EP Flagey (...) seems to be more interesting than Café Belgi. The refrains aren't that songful and irritating here, and the whole thing is just captivating. " The physical sale of Flagey corresponds to the physical sale of Café Belga, due to being an addition to the album. On July 26, 2018, Café Belga, as the third record of Hemingway (after Szprycerze and Soma 0.5 mg), made its debut at the first place on the nationwide OLiS sales list. The listing is only made on the basis of physical sales. Journal