Gilda (film)


May 28, 2022

Gilda (ang. Gilda) - American film directed by Charles Vidor from 1946. One of the most famous films by Rita Hayworth.


The action takes place in Buenos Aires. The compulsive gambler Johnny Farrell (Glenn Ford) is a regular visitor to one of the casinos there. The owner of Ballin Mundson (George MacReady) offers him a job, which Farrell accepts. Soon he gains the boss's trust and becomes his right hand. Some time later he meets Mundson's wife - the beautiful Gilda (Rita Hayworth). He recognizes her as his former lover. The boss, unaware of his wife's feelings for Farrell once, entrusts him with the duties of guardian of Gilda. Soon Farrell becomes convinced that Gilda hates her husband.


Jan Józef Szczepański described the film as intellectually provincial, stating that there is nothing in it but a tasteless pose and sensational laziness, modeled on the most threadbare templates. Even Rita Hayworth's widely touted "sex-appeal" was a pathetic caricature of something that existed only and only in third-rate railroad car literature, and her "seductive" dances made him think of symptoms of acute stomach upset. He considered the film harmful and dangerous due to the fact that it spread some patterns of life style that could not be imitated.


Rita Hayworth - Gilda Glenn Ford - Johnny Farrell George Macready - Ballin Mundson Joseph Calleia - Detective Maurice Obregon Steven Geray - Uncle Pio Joe Sawyer - Casey Gerald Mohr - Captain Delgado Robert E. Scott - Gabe Evans Ludwig Donath - German Donald Douglas - Thomas Langford Jerry De Castro - doorman Julio Abadía - writer Eugene Borden - The dealer Symona Boniface - gambler at the roulette table Sam Ash - gambler


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