August 13, 2022

Household - in economic sciences, it is defined as the basic economic unit aimed at satisfying the common and personal needs of its members. It is an economic unit with social values, reporting a need for goods and services. A household is an autonomous economic unit that works permanently. It is both a one-person and a multi-person team of relatives or unrelated people who support themselves together and make decisions about the use of funds in part or in full contributed to the household budget. One of the categories that distinguish a household is an apartment - a household is a group of people living in one apartment. Basic household income comes from: employee salaries; property income; transfers received from other sectors; sale of market products; imputed revenues from the production of goods and services for own consumption.


According to the definition of the Central Statistical Office, a household is a group of people living together and making a living together. In its instruction to the National Census, the Central Statistical Office stated that members of families living together, but maintaining themselves separately, constitute separate households. The average wealth of a Polish household in 2014 amounted to PLN 257 thousand.