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Greenock (gael. Grianaig) is a port city in the west of Scotland, on the River Clyde, in County Inverclyde. Population (2001): 45,467.


The origin of the city's name is not clearly established. One possible version derives the city's name from green oaks. Inna derives the city's name from the distorted Celtic words Grian Cnoc signifying a sunny hill.


1635 - granting municipal rights and privileges 1710 - first information about the port in Greenock 1764 - The first ship built at the Greenock shipyard is launched 1946 - the Demobilization Center No. 1 for soldiers of the Polish Armed Forces in the West operates

Monuments and tourist attractions

The historic town hall from 1886; McLean Museum & Art Gallery - city museum with permanent exhibitions on the history of the city and steam engines.


In earlier times, the city was the center of heavy shipbuilding. Currently, Greenock is one of the largest European centers of high technology industry and telecommunications. The city has their European headquarters: IBM, National Semiconductor, Amazon and T-Mobile.


The European route E05 begins in Greenock, which turns into the M8 motorway outside the city. Glasgow International Airport is a 20-minute drive away. It takes 45 minutes to drive to Prestwick International Airport


Greenock Morton football club Greenock Pacers basketball club Cricket club Greenock Golf Club

Famous Characters

William Kidd (better known as Captain Kidd), the legendary Scottish pirate was born in Greenock in 1645 James Watt, mathematician and inventor Denis Devlin, poet John McGeoch, musician


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