Grip Stave Church


January 19, 2022

Grip stave church or the pole church in Grip - one of the smallest and simplest pole (stave) churches in Norway, erected around 1470. He was in the fishing village of Grip, now abandoned, incorporated into Kristiansund, in the county of Møre og Romsdal. Used in the summer period. A single-nave church with a chancel of the same width as the nave, built around 1470. Rebuilt and renovated in 1621 and again in 1860–1870. At that time, new windows were installed and the walls were paneled in white. In 1932, it was completely removed, restoring the original appearance of the interior. The outer covering was also replaced, covering the church with newly cut shingles and boards impregnated with tar and painted with red paint, and the roof with asphalt shingle. In the altar of the church there is a valuable Dutch triptych depicting the Virgin Mary, St. Olaf (who protects from storms) and St. Margaret (patron of travelers), donated in 1520 by Izabela Habsburg, an Austrian princess and a Danish queen (wife of Christian II). In 1515, the flotilla carrying the princess to Denmark fell into a powerful storm. In gratitude for her lucky survival, the Queen commissioned in Utrecht five identical altars, which were placed in five churches of the diocese of Archbishop Erik Valkendorf, who accompanied her on this dangerous journey. During the Reformation, the altar was hidden and only restored to its place in 1932; another treasure of the church is the chalice from 1320. During the post-Reformation period, the church was decorated with wall paintings creating draperies of biblical figures and gothic inscriptions (quotations from the Bible in Danish and Latin) on load-bearing beams by local artists. In 1796, the building survived a powerful storm that destroyed more than 100 houses in the area, and the villagers who had been sheltered in it survived.


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Church in Grip in the register of monuments of Norway (norw.)

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