Gustavo Petro


July 5, 2022

Gustavo Francisco Petro Urrego (born April 19, 1960 in Ciénaga de Oro) - Colombian leftist politician, president elect. On June 19, 2022, he was elected president of Colombia. He is the first leftist politician to hold this position.

Curriculum vitae


He comes from the middle class in the north of the country. His parents moved to the capital when he was 8 years old. Father - Gustavo Ramiro Petro, was a manager in private companies in Bogota and previously a teacher in a primary school for girls. Mother - Clara Nubia Urrego dealt in the antiques trade. Before he became involved in legal political activity, as a 17-year-old he joined the left-wing partisans of the April 19 Movement with which he was associated for 10 years. He was convicted of participating in an illegal group and served two years in prison. He left them under an amnesty that was announced under the peace agreements of the late 1980s.


He graduated in economics at the Universidad Externado de Colombia in Bogota and in public administration at Escuela Superior de Administración Pública (ESAP). He then defended his PhD in public administration at the University of Salamanca, Spain.

Political activity

In the early 1990s, the 19 April Movement demobilized and transformed itself into a legally operating political party - the M-19 Democratic Alliance. Petro ran from her lists and was elected to the House of Representatives in the 1991 and then 1998 elections. After the parliamentary elections in 2006, he was elected a senator from the list of coalitions of left-wing parties - the Alternative Democratic Pole. He then entered the Colombian parliament with the second result in the country. During his tenure as senator, his interventions over the links between national and regional politicians with right-wing death squads led to the arrests of 60 people who were subsequently convicted of crimes classified as "criminal conspiracies" and murder. In 2009, he resigned as a candidate for president of the country, but he was eliminated in the first round, taking fourth place. After the elections, there was a split in the Alternative Democratic Pole, as a result of which Petro founded the Humane Colombia party, from which he ran for the mayor of Bogota. He won and took the position on January 1, 2012. For three years in office, he introduced, inter alia, programs: - free water supply to the poorest districts of the city; and - a drug recovery program for adolescent residents. In 2018, he ran for the presidential election again, took second place in the first round of the elections, receiving over 25% of the votes. However, he lost in the second round of the elections to Iván Duque Márquez. In 2022, he ran for the presidency of Colombia again, and on May 29, he won the first round of the elections, receiving 40% of the vote. On June 19, he faced Rodolfo Hernandez, 77-year-old millionaire from the Anti-Corruption League, who won 28% of the vote in the first round. Petro appointed Francie Márquez to the office of Vice President.

Private life

Married three times. He is the father of five children. From her first relationship with Katia Burgos, she has a son, Nicolás. From her second marriage to the fighter of the April 19 Movement, Mary Luz Herran, daughter of Andrea and son of Andreas. Today his wife is Veronica Alcocer (born 1976), daughter of Jorge Emilio Alcocera, a right-wing politician and lawyer, with whom he has two daughters - Sofia and Antonella. He met her when he was 39 and she was a 22-year-old single mother. The second wife, Mary Luz Herran, to this day publicly supports the former husband in political campaigns. Since the age of 11, Gustavo Petro has suffered from myopia, which he contracted while reading in inappropriate conditions and passionate about creating maps by himself.