Great Crown Hetman


May 28, 2022

Grand Hetman of the Crown - ex officio the minister of the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland. Commander of the mercenary troops, then the computational crown troops, i.e. the Polish army. One of the two highest military heads in the territory of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth since the union of Poland and Lithuania - the other was the Grand Hetman of Lithuania, who was the commander of the troops of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, i.e. the Lithuanian army. The Grand Hetman of the Crown was the deputy of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Polish King in command of the Polish army; the deputy of the Commander-in-Chief-Grand Duke of Lithuania in command of the Lithuanian army was the Grand Hetman of Lithuania. The mutual legal relationship of the two ministers is described in the entry: Grand Hetman of Lithuania. The authority of the hetmans did not include commanding a mass move. The name "hetman" comes from the Czech language, where the word "hejtman" simply meant a military commander. The Czechs, in turn, borrowed this word from the German "hauptmann", which is the equivalent of the Latin term "capitaneus". Their deputies were, respectively, the field hetman of the crown and the field hetman of Lithuania.

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