July 5, 2022

Spaniards (Spanish. Españoles) - Romance people living mainly in Spain (73% of the population), speaking Spanish.


Many ethnic groups participated in the ethnogenesis of the Spaniards, in the beginning they were mainly Iberians, and in the 6th century BCE. also the Celts. In the 2nd century BC The Spaniards were Romanized. In the 5th-8th centuries AD Germans came to the areas inhabited by the Spaniards, and then in the 8th-15th centuries AD, the Arabs. The Reconquista and the rise of the united, centralized Kingdom of Spain in the 15th century had a great influence on the formation of the Spanish nation. Castile began to have the greatest influence on the culture of the inhabitants of the whole country.


Most Spaniards profess Catholicism (Christianized in the 1st-5th centuries AD).


The traditional activities of the Spaniards are herding, horticulture, fishing, crafts and growing plants. The Spaniards have a rich musical and dance folklore, and a developed cult of local saints. Bullfighting is a popular form of entertainment in Spain. In folk culture, there are clear differences between the various regions of Spain: awareness of the regional identity, own dialects and traditions.

Hispanic in America

The discovery of America by Christopher Columbus initiated the period of the settlement of America by the European population. The Spaniards who came from Europe formed the basic ethnic makeup and exerted the greatest cultural influence in Latin America. Mixed relationships between the Spaniards and the Indians began to emerge. Their descendants are the Mestizas, who currently dominate Latin America in terms of numbers. Latin America is also inhabited by people one hundred percent Spanish blood (Kreoles). They dominate Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. Currently, America is inhabited by about 90 million Spanish Creoles and 400 million Spanish Mestis. Galician is dominant only in Argentina (70% of Spanish Argentines are Galician). Many people of Spanish origin (Creoles and Mestizas) inherited Spanish culture, such as the ritual bullfighting bullfight that is well known in Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela.